Author: Dorene Smith

Review of The Psychology of Poker

“What in the world were they thinking?” I’m sure I’m not the only poker player who has asked this questions literally hundreds of times at the poker table. What drives players to play the way they do, especially if they play badly? What drives each of us to do things at the table that we know are costing us money? In The Psychology of Poker, Alan N. Schoonmaker, who holds a PhD in psychology, attempts to understand what motivates poker players and to understand how they think and why.

After an introduction, Schoonmaker asks the reader to examine their own game, looking at one’s own motivations and skills critically and honestly. Of course, if one isn’t truly honest, much of the rest of the book won’t help, but the author does a good job of guiding the reader toward understanding their true motivations. Poker skills are covered next, including reading hands and game selection, with a discussion about how one’s personal tendencies influence these skills. Next, Schoonmaker introduces a grid system on which players can be rated. Tightness vs. looseness and passiveness vs. aggressiveness are discussed, and the reader is guided through the process of rating oneself and other players on this scale.

The problem is that this doesn’t cover the whole picture. As one example, a player can be tight and aggressive, playing few hands but playing those Slot Gacor strong, but if these hands are garbage, they won’t go very far. There’s at least a third axis (and probably several more) that includes good and bad decision making. Counting the number of hands and the proportion of raises to calls can be useful, but it still gives an incomplete picture, and this may lead to an improper strategy. The author does mention the possibility that a player may be of a mixed type, for example, tight and aggressive before the flop, but a calling station from then on. However, the book doesn’t give us a lot of information about why these people might play the way they do.

The next four sections cover various types of players focusing on the corners of the grid. We are told what the characteristics of players in each of the zones are likely to be, and some suggestions are made as to what motivates them. This is done from the perspective of analyzing the play of other players in each of these categories, as well as coming to terms with our own game if we fall into any given classification.

After this, the book presents some analysis of ways in which players self-destruct in their games, and what can be done to avoid it. Then we have the conclusion, and finally there are three appendices: A quiz covering whether the reader has the “right stuff” to play poker well, an article on why an aspiring poker player should think again if they’re considering turning pro, and quick summaries of the previous chapters.

Schoonmaker claims that he’s not a poker professional by any means, that he is a moderate winner in low limit games. He says that the purpose of his book is to analyze players, not give strategic advice, and that’s fine by me. However, I see a great deal of strategic advice in this book. Some of it is quite good, for example, I don’t recall seeing the concept of “buying outs” explained better. Some of it I have some minor disagreement with. The fact that David Sklansky reviewed the book from a strategic angle probably explains the generally good quality of this information. However, there isn’t nearly as much information about examining the motivations and methods of other poker players as I would have hoped, which is the author’s field of expertise, although what’s there is fairly decent.

Another deficiency is that almost nothing is said about the less extreme, “average” players that don’t have tendencies near the edge of the author’s grid, which is where we would probably locate the majority of players. While it may not seem interesting to cover the average case, I honestly don’t know what a “5,5” player in a local 3-6 Hold’em game might be thinking about, but I’d like to. I was hoping this book would tell me, but it doesn’t.

Overall, we probably get a better grounding of the psychology of the people who play poker, both our opponents and ourselves, than we do in any other book. However, the book has more advice on how to play against these people and how to alter our play than it has information on why people play the way they do. I was hoping for more of the latter than I got. However, it is a good book, one that I found worth reading, although the true masterpiece on poker psychology has yet to be written.

While The Psychology of Poker is probably the best book written on the mind of the poker player, there is more strategic advice and less psychology than I would have expected or liked. The book is certainly worth reading, not just to understand our opponents, but also to understand ourselves. However, the ultimate book on poker psychology has yet to be written. I do recommend it, however

Unique Casino

My Lucky Day!

My Lucky Day!It was a Monday morning and I was home sick. I bought in at PokerStars at nine o’ clock. I took my modest $100 to the first 5-10 table I could find. Within three minutes I had doubled my money. Wow, what a start! I ended up leaving that 5-10 game with $350.

Next, I settled into a 10-20 omaha hi lo seat. This was even better. My first hand had six way action and I scooped with the nut high and nut low. I left the omaha table an hour later with $620.

By noon time I was feeling a lot better (funny how winning has that curing effect), so I went out to help a friend with some decorations. The next day was New Years Eve and I really should have been resting up so I would be fit for the celebrations, but on the way home I decided that a quick trip to my favorite card room was in order instead.

1-4-8-8 Texas Hold’em had the only open seat, so bought in for a rack. My first hand was AA. I lost that hand (cheaply), but was dealt KK the very next. This time the flop was more generous, two more kings! There were three players in and after a check around on the flop, the turn was capped by the time it reached me. Nobody could ever have possibly had a day like I was having!

As I was walking toward the front of the casino I ran into some poker buddies and bragged about what a rush I was on. They were both down, so needless to say, it was a quick conversation.

When valet brought my car around I handed him my ticket, a small tip and sped off. “No I didn’t”, I shouted out. For some reason it dawned on me Unique Casino that the dollar bill I had pulled out of my pocket to give to the pimply face car parker was in fact a hundred. I banged a u-ey and explained to the kid that I made a mistake and would gladly replace the hundred with a twenty. “Huh?”, he said. “What hundred?”

When I got home, I dropped my keys as I was opening the door and my dog ran clear out of the yard and into the woods. It had been raining most of the morning, so by the time I caught her and brought her back inside, I was soaking wet. I realized that my throaght was bothering me again too, so I soaked in a hot bath and drank some tea.

After my relaxing bath I thought I’d test out the lucky streak and head back to PokerStars. I joined a $30 tournament and quickly took the lead. I knew not to play too many hands early, but what can you do when you’re dealt AA three times in the first two levels? At break time I was in first place with a $3,000 lead on the guy in second.

During the five minute break I decided to run to the store for drink. The store was just around the corner, so I was confident that I would be back in time. I rush into the store, grab a Coke, pay the man, and rush back to my car. Click click click. This can’t be happening!

A nice old lady in a pickup truck pulled up and offered me a jump start. I swear I could’ve run home faster (and probably would have had it not been raining).

Just as I walk in the door, I see that tournament had already started and I had pocket aces again. BZZZZ. I timed out before I could sit down and click the raise ****on. Out of breath, cold, and wet again, I watched an ace fall on the flop and every bet get capped to the river. Two small pair dragged that one down.

Twenty minutes later I was huvering around 30th place and feeling sick again. I brewed some Thera-Flu between hands and watched my rank get worse and worse. I busted out of the tournament when my set of jacks lost to an inside straight draw.

What I really needed now was to shut off the computer and get some rest, but at the time, 10-20 hold’em sounded like a better idea.

By the time the calling station at my table had caught his third straight on the river, I was down to $120.

The Thera-Flu was starting to kick in, but I had to do something fast. Afterall, this was my lucky day! I jumped into a $100 no limit holdem tourney and as I fought to keep my eyes open, I busted out in 35th place. Did I mention that there were only 40 in the tournament? “What in the hell do they put in this Thera-Flu stuff?”

What was wrong with me? How could things go so right and then in a drop of a hat, go so wrong? I blamed the morons that I was playing with. I blamed the stupid battery in my car. I blamed the acne plagued valet attendant. I even blamed my dog for running out the door! The next morning I blamed myself.

I woke up with swolen glands and an aweful headache. I had to skip the New Year’s Eve parties, but I stayed away from poker. I was determined to use this down time to figure out exactly where I went wrong.

My first hindsight was that I should have stopped playing when things started seeming too good to be true. A lot of you may argue that point and say play on when the gettin’ is good, but too many times have I seen huge rushes turn into trips to the ATM machine (by the way, I used to laugh whenever I’d see that).

Then I figured that it can never be a good thing to play when you are feeling bad, besides, I needed the rest. Had I just stayed in bed I probably would have been out catching beads and drinking beer instead of lying on the couch watching parade highlights on TV.

Finally, I realized there might be some truth in that little expiration sticker on your car battery.

For some reason the poker gods were shining down on me that morning. I still cringe when I think about how I gave it all back on my “lucky day”…







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Penurunan Turnamen Poker Togel Hari Ini di Nevada

Kami sebagai pemain poker turnamen menyalahkan kasino karena kurangnya minat pada turnamen poker dan mungkin memang demikian. Jika kasino tidak mengetahui keberadaan kami dan menganggap bahwa kami hanya sering mengunjungi tempat mereka untuk bermain di turnamen poker dan mendapatkan kompetisi prasmanan, maka mereka dibenarkan untuk berpikir bahwa kami bukan pelanggan yang berharga. Berapa kali Anda mendengar “Dia hanya pemain poker?” Sebagian besar pemain turnamen poker tidak menyadari fakta bahwa turnamen itu sendiri menghasilkan sangat sedikit, jika ada, pendapatan sendiri. Beberapa bahkan kehilangan uang. Saya tahu sebagian besar dari Anda tidak dapat mempercayainya, tetapi percayalah, itu adalah kebenarannya. Namun, kasino mendapatkan keuntungan dari turnamen poker di area lain, seperti, pit play, toko suvenir, restoran, mesin slot, mesin video poker, taruhan olahraga, pertunjukan, keno, belum lagi kamar yang kami tempati. Jadi bagaimana kita mengubah sikap mereka tentang rata-rata pemain turnamen poker? Pertama mereka harus tahu di mana kita menghabiskan uang di luar ruang poker. Ini sangat penting. Cara melakukannya sederhana, gunakan “Kartu Pelacakan Pemain.”

Saya menyadari bahwa banyak dari Anda ingin tetap anonim dan tidak mengetahui kemenangan dan kerugian Anda di area kasino lainnya. Saya juga mengerti tidak ingin dimasukkan ke banyak milis karena takut direcoki. Sebagian besar dari kita hanya ingin datang dan bermain dan dibiarkan sendiri. Nah, kita perlu mengubah cara kita merasa sehingga kasino pada gilirannya akan menghargai kehadiran kita. Satu-satunya cara Togel HK untuk menjaga turnamen tetap hidup dan sehat di Nevada adalah dengan kesadaran perusahaan. “Setelan” di lantai atas di kantor eksekutif harus disadarkan akan nilai kita. Kartu Pelacakan Pemain dapat melakukan ini untuk kita. Kami perlu memberi tahu kasino bahwa kami ada dan bahwa kami “menyeberang” ke area kasino lainnya. Kami paling baik melakukannya dengan mengisi formulir singkat yang memberi tahu mereka siapa kami dan mengapa kami berada di kasino. Setelah melakukan itu, kita perlu menggunakan kartu di mana-mana kita menghabiskan uang. Itu akan menunjukkan kasino bahwa kami adalah aset bagi mereka dan bukan kewajiban.

Durasi turnamen menentukan berapa lama pemain akan terdaftar di hotel. Dalam pengalaman saya sebagai pemain turnamen, saya telah menghabiskan waktu mulai dari tiga hari hingga tiga minggu di satu kasino. Itu waktu yang lama dan selama waktu itu saya cenderung menghabiskan banyak uang di semua area kasino, seperti yang kita semua lakukan.

Saya pribadi tidak ingin melihat turnamen meninggalkan Nevada selamanya, jadi HARAP gunakan Kartu Pelacakan Pemain Anda. Apa lagi yang bisa Anda lakukan? Perhatikan informasi ini dengan serius dan tindak lanjuti. Manfaatnya mungkin akan mengejutkan Anda dan hanya dapat meningkat semakin banyak Anda menggunakan kartu Anda. Harap mengidentifikasi diri Anda sebagai pemain poker sehingga kita semua akan mendapat manfaat. Mari kita dengar, kami berhak mendapatkan fasilitas yang sama dengan pelanggan kasino lainnya. Bantu kami membawa turnamen poker kembali ke Nevada di tempatnya.

Artikel ini terinspirasi oleh Mike Gainey, Manajer Kamar Poker di Reno Hilton. Mike adalah orang yang bertanggung jawab atas keberhasilan turnamen poker Pot of Gold dan Cup of Gold di Reno Hilton. Keberhasilan mereka membantunya meyakinkan para eksekutif untuk menyambut “Tantangan Poker Dunia” yang akan datang yang akan diadakan pada Januari 2001. Orang-orang poker yang termotivasi seperti Mike Gainey memungkinkan kita untuk mengadakan turnamen poker, jadi mari kita lakukan bagian kita. Kami dapat membantu membuatnya sukses dan menunjukkan penghargaan kami dengan menggunakan Kartu Pelacakan kami di seluruh kasino dan membuat perusahaan sadar akan nilai kami.

Casino Tropez menikmati reputasi sempurna di industri dan di antara para pemain kami. Integritas kami dipertahankan dengan memberikan para pemain Togel Hari Ini lingkungan permainan yang benar-benar adil, transparan, dan aman.

Ilustrasi transparansi kami adalah fitur permainan dan riwayat keuangan bawaan yang unik. Setiap pemain dapat meninjau setiap permainan yang pernah dia mainkan, dengan tanggal & waktu yang tepat, jumlah taruhan, kemenangan, dan hasil permainan yang terperinci. Riwayat transaksi keuangan menampilkan semua setoran dan penarikan dari akun kasino pemain. Kedua fitur ini dapat diakses kapan saja saat online.

Sistem Casino Tropez juga telah diuji dan disetujui oleh firma akuntansi internasional terkemuka BDO. Setelah menguji jutaan putaran permainan, analisis mereka melaporkan hasil acak 100%. Ini dicapai dengan menggunakan Random Number Generator yang canggih, yang merupakan bagian terpisah dari perangkat keras yang terhubung ke komputer kasino. Firma akuntansi pihak ketiga secara berkala menguji sistem kasino kami untuk memastikan keakuratannya yang berkelanjutan. Persentase pembayaran rata-rata Casino Tropez, yang merupakan persentase dari total kemenangan dari total jumlah yang dipertaruhkan, juga ditinjau setiap bulan.

Casino Tropez telah diberikan lisensi oleh Komisi Permainan dari pemerintah Antigua dan Barbuda. Setiap pengalihan dari cara bisnis kami yang disetujui dan diizinkan akan mengakibatkan pembatalan segera lisensi kami.


Translation Services UK

Creative Writing Ideas and Tips at Translation Services UK

Creative writing is a great activity both for kids and adults. Whilst many people choose to do it just at school or in their spare time, others make successful careers out of their creative writing abilities. Although all you really need to be a great creative writer is a vivid imagination there are still several tips that can help you on your way to creating a wonderful piece of work.

In this guide we shall look at some of those creative writing ideas and tips to help you begin writing.

Tips 1

Start Small

Although it can be very tempting to just jump in at the deep end and start writing an epic novel – it is generally a much better idea to start small and begin with poetry or a short story just to perfect your skills. One of the hardest parts about writing a successful and interesting story is all of the intertwining storylines and character plots which can be very difficult to do if you are a beginner.

By starting with just a short story you have the chance to practice writing the beginning, middle and end of a story within a short space of time and can see which areas you need to develop.

Once you have practiced your skills you can move on to bigger creative writing projects!

Curing Writers Block

Writers block is something that all writers experience during their careers. If you find that this happens to you and you run out of ideas or don’t know how to start your story – then there are ways to cure it.

Firstly sometimes all you need is a quick break. Go for a walk around your home or the local park and just take your mind of writing for a bit. Often this quiet time can help kick start your creative side and you can get back to writing.

Another way to cure writers block is by using writing prompts. There are numerous ways you can find writers prompts – including online, in books or just from your surrounding environment. Anything can trigger your imagination. It could be a picture, a word or a thought-provoking question. Try looking on some websites designed for writers suffering from writers block to help inspire your creative side. More about Translation Services UK

Tips 2

Find Your ‘Write’ Time

Not everyone’s creative writing brain is switched on first thing in the morning. Many people work best in the middle of the night, whilst others may find their creative side switches on just after a big lunch.

Experiment with different times to find out what time is the best time for you to write.  You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

Taking Notes

You never know when you will come up with a fantastic idea for a story. Perhaps you’re eating lunch with a friend or sitting on the bus. You may find that your imagination will be triggered just by a particular smell or conversation that you hear on the street.

Don’t rely on the fact that you’ll remember it when you get home, so always carry a notebook or PDA with you to write down any observations or ideas you have.

Tips 3

Don’t Stress

When you’re writing its best to just let the words flow. Don’t think too much about what you’re writing or whether the sentence is grammatically perfect. These are things that you can fix in the editing stages. When you’re writing what’s important is that you get the ideas down and the rest can be sorted later.

Never stress about writing as whatever you write isn’t set in stone. There is always time to make changes afterwards.

Have Fun!

The best tip to remember is that creative writing is meant to be fun! If you ever feel like what you are writing is boring or it feels like a chore then most likely your readers will feel the same! So always enjoy what you’re doing and your writing will follow.


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Debbie R. Wins a Total of $169,588.75 on Three Link Alternatif Sbobet Jackpot Madness Progressives Slots

London, April 29, 2001 – Jackpot Madness ( announced this week that lucky Mom and Avon Lady Debbie R. won a total of $169,588.75 in four wins on three different progressives! First she won a total of $67,994.27 playing Cash Splash and WowPot at Colosseum Casino , one of 70 casinos that feature the Jackpot Madness progressives, on January 21. Then on March 30 she won $60,807.26 on Cash Splash at Grand Opry , another member of the Jackpot Madness family and on April 4 she hit the jackpot again on LotsaLoot for $40,757.22 at The Gaming Club. , still yet another member of the 70 affiliate casinos system. Like so many other winners who have won numerous times on the Microgaming-powered progressives, Debbie’s wins prove that your Jackpot Madness ship can come in more than once!

In a special interview following her fourth win, Debbie eagerly told us, “I had read Blake’s interview (the guy that won 3 times on Cash Splash and his total wins are over $270,000), and he said how he skipped around between games and casinos, and I thought I should try that, so that is what I did and look at me now: I have 4 wins! I am trying to reach his total!”

When we asked her about her initial reaction, Debbie reported, “I couldn’t believe it, I am shocked! I am just so amazed that this could happen. I was trying to figure out the odds of this happening, and it just seems so unlikely, since it is online and so many people are able to play, the number is really unlimited. It was nice, I had just hit the Lotsaloot jackpot, and I called my husband, it was so surprising since I had just won 5 days ago. When I called my mother, she made the calculation and said: ‘$100,000 in 5 days is not bad!’. When I hit this time I put in only $50 and saw that kept on winning, I had a good feeling. First I hit WowPot, then Cash Splash twice, and then Lotsaloot.”

Referring to the special winners’ kit the progressives Link Alternatif Sbobet winners receive, containing branded t-shirts, hats, gym bags and magnets, and a digital camera, she told us, “My son was kidding, and asked if this means that we are going to get 4 cameras… we have all the magnets from these games on the refrigerator, and just before I won on Lotsaloot, my husband moved a magnet to make room for Lotsaloot, and I got it!”

When we asked Debbie what her plans are for all that cash she told us, “It is going to come in real handy, we have wanted to move into a bigger home and now we will be able to do it! My husband wanted to get a new van, and now we can afford that. Ever since my son’s twin passed away from cancer three years ago, I am lucky. I am sure that he is helping me out and looking after me. My other son is in hockey and he is playing travel hockey during the summer, and we could probably make some vacation time when we travel with him. He is growing so much and the equipment is very expensive, so these wins are helping out so much with that as well. He needs new skates as his feet are growing. Some of the money I am putting aside for him for his education. We own a home, and we have kind of outgrown it, and we were thinking of moving on. My son died at home, so may be this is a sign for us to move on with our lives and to start again in a new home.

When we asked her the secret to her success, Debbie’s heartwarming answer was “I don’t know what it is but when you think of numbers, there is a lot to do with the symbols of numbers for me. Some times I talk to my son who passed away, before I begin playing. I am trying to believe and keep faith, and just before I won the third time, I said: ‘if there is really a God, I would hit the jackpot’, and then I hit it! Immediately after I won I said that I have to go to church and make a donation. And even more than that, I have a little one of those gifts that says ‘if you miss me hold this close to your heart’, right before I won, it fell, and then I said the thing about God and I hit it. I truly believe that my son is watching over me.”

About Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, run by Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, is the world’s largest online progressive network. All the jackpots won on the casinos providing these games are offered through full, direct cash payouts – the only games on the Internet offering this benefit. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. The jackpot totals are “live” and Jackpot Madness provides constantly updated information together with links to over 70 casinos. Total payouts are over $90,000,000 and counting.




Three Hot MultiPlayer Togel Casinos

Tons of Internet casinos offer multiplayer games, but only a handful get enough players to pack the tables. Let’s look at a few of the busiest multiplayer casinos on the planet.

Craps and More at Casino-On-Net

Casino-On-Net has more players than any other Internet casino. Millions have downloaded their software since the site began accepting real-money bets in June 1997.

Casino-On-Net is also the grand daddy of the multiplayer game. “Our first beta version back in 1996 had the multi-player feature already incorporated,” said David Rose, a public relations representative for Casino-On-Net. “We were the first – and for a long time the only – online casino to offer real money multi-player tables. This is probably one of the reasons for our great success. It gives people a good feeling to be playing and chatting with others.”

You’ll always find players at Casino-On-Net’s public tables. But, if you prefer, you can choose a “private” table, or a “group” table for you and your invited friends.

Casino On Net offers multiplayer blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and the only multiplier craps game on the Net.

InterCasino Busy Around the Clock

InterCasino, one of the oldest and largest online Togel casinos, makes it easy to see how many players are logged on at any given moment — the number is displayed on their home page. Depending on the time of day, you’ll usually find about 150 players online.

InterCasino’s excellent multiplayer games, which are powered by CryptoLogic, include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Let It Ride and Caribbean poker.

If you like the CryptoLogic software but want to meet new people, try Sands of the Caribbean or William Hill. They also get good action.

Multiplayer Slots at Gold Club

Gold Club Casino isn’t as busy as InterCasino or Casino-On-Net, but their multiplayer games are excellent. Choose your character, look for a good table, then step up and play.

Boss Media casinos, including Gold Club, are the only ones that offer multiplayer slots and video poker. That’s right. You can sit down beside two other players and chat while you take on the one-armed bandit. It’s a lot of fun.

Cybergambling Tip: The Downside of Bonus Abuse

Lots of people think they can make a quick $50 or $100 Togel bucks when they play a new casino. Just sign up, get the bonus, make a few bets and cash out with most of your bonus money in hand, right? Well, yes, it can be done, but it’s not as brilliant a plan as it initially appears to be.

The first thing you’d do, naturally, is take a trip to the site’s policies page and see whether they cover their butts by putting restrictions on signup bonuses (such as requiring that you bet a certain amount of money before you can withdraw bonus money). Believe it or not, many sites don’t outline strict rules of this nature.

With that in mind, it would be easy to deposit $50, collect a bonus $50, make two $5 bets and walk with at least $90. Then, if the operators of the site complain that you’re taking advantage of them, you can just point out that there are no rules prohibiting you from doing this.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Many of the online casinos and sportsbooks out there could easily tell you to take a hike with no higher authority to intervene. And many have done just that. This has happened, in part, because of an influx of wide-scale bonus abuse.

In some cases, bonus abusers have registered dozens of accounts apiece and tried to close out each account without giving the sites a chance to win back the bonus money. Because many of these sites don’t have bonus-abuse policies in place and they don’t want to take the huge hit, they often respond by refusing to pay out.

And in the process of closing down all accounts that look suspicious, it’s quite easy for site operators to group a few innocent (or at least relatively harmless) players in with the wide-scale bonus abusers. It’s certainly not the best way to handle the situation, but it happens.

You might also figure, “Hey, it’s worth a shot. If they give me the boot, so be it.” But keep in mind that site operators, who don’t take too kindly to players who try to steal money from them, can also reserve the right to completely freeze your account. That means you lose access to the money in your account. And in many cases, no one can stop them.

The bottom line: If you try to take advantage of casino and sportsbook operators, don’t be surprised if they come out swinging. And they might not fight fair.



Internet Singapore Online Casino Gambling Report IV



The “Internet Gambling Report” by Anthony Cabot is one of the most referenced publications in the online gambling industry. So what is it? That’s not an easy question to answer, but it’s safe to say that anyone interested in online gambling — player, provider or pundit — should have a look at it anyway.


The Fourth Edition of IGR is hot off the presses and while the report can be said to be many things, Cabot himself says it best when he labels his 450 page tome “An Evolving Conflict Between Technology, Policy and Law”. That’s exactly what you’ll find inside: in-depth discussions of the technical, practical and legal issues that define the internet gambling industry.


Having said that it’s important to realize that we’re probably talking about one of the most complicated and contested industries on the globe. To tackle this complexity Cabot divides his text into five parts:


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Market

Part 3: Business Perspectives

Part 4: Legal, Regulatory and Policy Issues

Part 5: Where From Here?

Part 1 forms the heart of the report wherein Cabot introduces the industry by asking three essential questions: “What is the Internet?”, “What is Singapore Online Casino Gambling?”, “Can Gambling work on the Internet?” As Cabot answers those questions he takes the reader a very long way toward understanding the fundamentals of the entire internet gaming issue in all its legal, technical and business complexities. I cannot recommend Part 1 too highly. It is necessary and sufficient reading for anyone wanting to educate themselves on the basics of this industry.


Take for example the issue of casino credibility. How would a casino raise its credibility with players? Cabot provides the following (p.38):


Becoming a public company…

Associating with non-gaming brands and celebrities.

Creating strategic alliances (race tracks or land-based casinos).

Obtaining accountant certifications of their operations.

Being licensed in quality jurisdictions.

He’s hit the nail squarely on the head here, five times in fact. It took me a year of active participation in the industry to learn what he has summarized in less than 50 words.


There are many other examples but I was particularly struck by his insights into probable future trends in online gambling.


“… Internet casinos are beginning to compete based on price … As more sites compete for the patron’s dollars, their odds will become as competitive, and eventually lower [than Vegas].” p.44

What business person isn’t interested in where their industry is going and what competitive moves will be expected of them in the future? Only the unsuccessful ones I’d bet.


Parts 2 through 4 of the IGR feature articles on their various subjects written by guest contributors, occasionally co-written with Cabot. Unlike Part 1, these sections have a definite “anthology” feel to them: even if you’re interested in the specific subject, you may or may not find a given article worthwhile. And the structure that binds the articles together is very loose indeed. The bottom line is that these sections don’t hold a candle to the educational artistry of Part 1, but should be of interest to industry insiders with specific needs.


In the opening to the brief Part 5, “Where From Here?”, Cabot writes:


“One thing is certain when addressing the future of internet gambling: variables overshadow certainties.” p.409

With that sage observation Cabot goes on to summarize those variables and leaves us with a few inconclusive words on possible regulatory options. The moral? His crystal ball isn’t much clearer than anyone else’s.


All things considered The Internet Gaming Report, Fourth Edition is far from perfect. The “Market”, “Business”, and “Legal …” sections (Parts 2 through 4) suffer from the inevitable scatter-shot approach that their anthology format bestows. And as mentioned, “Where From Here?” (Part 5) simply declines to answer its own question.


Despite its imperfections The Internet Gambling Report is the closest thing the online gaming industry has to a Rosetta Stone. Its pages bring together the innumerable related issues in one place, under one guiding hand. As such it will be constantly referenced and quoted in the coming year, as it has been in previous years.




Crypto Gambling

What Skeptical Finance Workers Say About Crypto Gambling

As our readers may know, I am a cryptocurrency evangelist and love to talk about Bitcoin and altcoins until I am blue in the face with anyone who will listen. Apart from fielding questions and concerns from Bitcoin beginners, this means that I also talk to many people who either do not fully understand cryptos or people who have absolutely no faith in them.

Recently I had two of these conversations, one with a close friend and one with a close family member. Both of these individuals remain skeptical of and cynical about Bitcoin, and both of them are heavily involved in traditional investments.


One of these two works for one of the largest investment and financial services banks in the world as a consultant. He knows finance back to front, and is an incredibly sharp person. He fails to see Bitcoin as anything more permanent than a financial fad. That is to say, he does not believe that cryptocurrencies’ tokens will have huge impacts on the global markets.

He may not be entirely off about this. We keep talking about how the market cap for Bitcoin and other altcoins is incredibly high, but they’ve only recently passed the value of some -albeit large- companies. Cryptos may just not be on the caliber needed yet to be game changing as currencies. Though, the Consultant did concede that trading may still be viable, since many businesses that he is invested in also are not fundamentally shaping the market with their overall value.

What he did find most valuable was the concept of the Blockchain. For the Consultant, a distributed public ledger could bring markets and many other aspects of financial life closer to a trustless business model. This is what he thinks can be a game changer. Though, he noted that since the technology is open source, the Blockchain can be implemented without having tokens themselves being traded -however I suspect that as long as tokens are mined/minted, people will trade them as assign them value-.


The other individual in our two stories is a good friend of mine who works as a Quantitative Data Scientist, he also is very active on the stock market for Crypto Gambling. He and I will text daily about various positions on the market. “Wtf is Tesla doing right now?!” “Ahh! I should’ve shorted Snapchat!” and other messages like this are typical for some of our conversations. I’ll also add in “Hey, did you see that Bitcoin passed $2,000 a coin today?!”

He always is flabbergasted by the performance of Bitcoin, and other alts. “But it’s not backed by anything, like, no institutions are buying it up or have it in reserve like USD.” Again, he is not wrong. Bitcoin is not a reserve currency like USD is. Bitcoin is also the antithesis of many values which large banking institutions -both private and government- hold. He does admit that there may be some money to be made -and lost- in the volatile nature of cryptos.

I think the heart of his thinking here is that Bitcoin, to both of them really, does not seem like a long term viable investment. For me, this is a difference of opinion. Where they are placing more faith in current institutions -that may adopt various aspects of cryptocurrencies-, I place more faith in the disruptive power of cryptocurrencies to institutional norms.



Augur, a fully-decentralized, open-source prediction market platform based on blockchain technology, intended to revolutionize forecasting, decision-making and the manner in which information consensus is collected and aggregated, has been selected as one of the five finalists in the “Breakthrough” category at the XCS Challenge at Exponential Finance 2015.


The Singularity University and CNBC hosted the Exponential Finance 2015 conference (New York, 2-3 June), which examines how rapidly accelerating technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, crowdfunding, digital currencies, and robotics are rapidly disrupting businesses throughout the financial industry. Learn more about SKYBLOCK COINS SHOP


The Singularity University, based at Moffett Federal Airfield in California and sponsored by high-profile high-tech firms including Google, is an educational center dedicated to world-changing applications of disruptive, exponentially accelerating technologies.


Augur, a fully-decentralized, open-source prediction market platform based on blockchain technology and Ethereum, intended to revolutionize forecasting, decision making, and the manner in which information consensus is collected and aggregated, has been selected as one of the five finalists in the “Breakthrough” category at the XCS Challenge at Exponential Finance 2015.


“Singularity U traditionally highlights the most innovative and cutting edge technology and we feel Augur definitely deserves to be here,” said Augur’s Marketing Director, Tony Sakich, to CoinTelegraph. “Prediction Markets have the potential to create more accurate forecasts in so many fields that the applications could go on for a long time. The most exciting immediate application is for political polling as Augur would enable the largest consensus of models possible.”


“Harnessing the blockchain, Augur has created the first online platform for a global market of predictions,” states the Exponential Finance website. “Anybody can create a market for an event, and anyone can wager whether that event will occur or not.


”Prediction markets harness the “wisdom of the crowds” to create powerful and uncensorable forecasting engines. “This is the future of forecasting,” says the Exponential Finance announcement.


Prediction markets are speculative markets created for the purpose of making predictions. The current market price for a prediction – for example the election of a particular candidate – can be interpreted as an aggregate, crowdsourced estimate of the probability of the prediction. For example, if a prediction market security rewards a dollar if a particular candidate is elected, those who think the candidate had a 70 percent chance of being elected should be willing to pay up to 70 cents for the security.


Evidence suggests that such financial incentives make prediction markets more effective than other forecasting strategies. The Iowa Electronic Markets typically predicts elections within one percent, more accurate than polls or expert opinions. Since 1988 it has correctly predicted the outcome of every U.S. presidential election. The Foresight Exchange, one of the oldest active prediction markets, is a public, play-money market allowing individuals to sign up for free and predict the future.


Prediction markets had a moment of fame in 2003, when the Policy Analysis Market (PAM), a proposed futures exchange developed by the United States’ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), was canceled after a wave of accusations of incentivizing terrorism, which resulted in the resignation of John Poindexter, head of the DARPA unit responsible for developing the project.


“The idea of a federal betting parlor on atrocities and terrorism is ridiculous, and it’s grotesque,” said Sen. Ron Wyden.


The PAM was inspired by the work of George Mason University economist Robin Hanson, a leading researcher in the field, co-creator of the Foresight Exchange, and author of a seminal paper on “Idea Futures,” who is now one of the Augur advisors. Hanson explains his ideas on prediction markets and Augur in a short video posted on the Augur website.



According to Hanson, real money markets such as the Iowa Electronic Markets – and Wall Street – predict election outcomes better than opinion polls. Referring to previous regulatory obstacles encountered by prediction markets such as PAM, Hanson notes that all of our familiar financial instruments: stocks, insurance, commodity futures, options were once forbidden by anti-gambling laws.






Mandalay, Park Place team for Macau license to Sg Online Casino

Las Vegas Strip casino giants Park Place Entertainment Corp. and Mandalay sport kazakhstan Resort Group have joined the race for a gaming license in the Chinese coastal city of Macau.


Park Place spokesman Robert Stewart said this morning that his company and Mandalay have jointly applied for a gaming license in Macau. The two companies submitted a tender bid through an entity called MP Entertainment, one of 21 contenders for three licenses in the former Portuguese colony.


He declined further comment and Mandalay officials could not be reached for comment.


The two companies are the latest in a crowd of contenders for the Macau licenses from Las Vegas. MGM MIRAGE, Steve Wynn’s Wynn Resorts and Venetian owner Sheldon Adelson have also submitted offers for a Macau license.


Another bidder with apparent Las Vegas connections is Las Vegas East Macau Ltd. This company is linked to Macau-Las Vegas East Development Corp., a Nevada corporation.


Records with the Nevada Secretary of State list the company’s president as Emmett Munley, and its secretary and treasurer as George Johnson. The address given for the company is Johnson’s downtown Las Vegas law firm.


Johnson could not be reached for comment.


“Any operator that tries to bring high-end play from overseas to its Las Vegas properties would rationally be interested in a gaming license in this market,” said Robin Farley, gaming analyst with UBS Warburg. “It’s putting an outpost close to where the high-end players come from.”


Park Place serves high-end customers primarily through Caesars Palace, but it isn’t considered as big a player in the Asian high roller business as MGM MIRAGE, the Venetian or Steve Wynn, analysts said.


Still, “it would be strange for such a big gaming – Sg Online Casino market to open and them (Park Place) not to be there,” said analyst Jason Ader of Bear Stearns.


Mandalay’s been even less of a player in the high-end business with its mid-market Strip properties, though the company’s been more focused on these efforts with Mandalay Bay.


“For a small investment, should they be successful, this gives both Park Place and Mandalay an ability to grow their high-end Asian business,” said Andrew Zarnett of Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown.


But they aren’t the favorites, Zarnett said.


“MGM MIRAGE has the greatest probability of winning a license, given (Chairman and Chief Executive) Terry Lanni’s strong relationship with the Asian high-end market for over two decades,” Zarnett said.


The Macau government, in an effort to break up a monopoly held by casino mogul Stanley Ho, plans to award three 20-year gaming licenses sometime this month. The government has said it will consider such factors as experience in the gaming industry, overall interest in the Macau market and investment plans.


Macau’s 10 casinos, all owned by Ho, gross an estimated $2 billion a year in gaming revenues.