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Walk into virtually any public cardroom in America, and you’ll find a game of Texas hold ’em in progress. Texas hold ’em is the single most popular form of poker played today, and because it is, it will be the focus of our study in this column.

Let’s start with the basics.

In Texas hold ’em, each player gets two cards to start with. There’s a round of betting, and then three cards are turned over in the middle of the table. These cards (collectively called the flop) are common cards or community cards; they’re part of everybody’s hand. Thus, if you start with an ace and a king (A-K) and the flop presents you with another ace, another king and a ten (A-K-T), then your hand so far is two pair, aces and kings, with a ten kicker. Another player who starts with a pair of queens (Q-Q) would only have two queens with an ace kicker at this point, so you would have the best hand. After the flop, there’s a second round of Slot Online betting, and then another common card, called the turn card, is revealed. If the turn card in this case were a queen, your hand would not have improved; you’d still have your two pair and your ten kicker. But your opponent would now have three queens, and you’d be in trouble! After a third round of betting, the fifth community card, the river card, is placed on the board. There’s a fourth and final round of betting, and then those players still left in the pot show down their hands. The best five-card hand out of the seven available between each player’s hand and the board is the winner. So if that river card were an ace, your hand would have improved to aces full, a full house comprised of three aces and two kings, just narrowly edging out your opponent, with her three queens and two aces, or queens full.

In most public card rooms, the betting is structured, which means that there are fixed amounts you can bet on any round. The most common structure allows for a certain bet, say $2, on the first two betting rounds, and double that amount ($4 in this example) on the last two rounds. So if you sat down in a game of $5-10 limit hold ’em, you’d know to bet (or raise) $5 before and after the flop, and $10 on the turn and the river.

Some casinos offer spread limit betting, such as $1-4-8-8. In this variation, you can bet anything from $1 to $4 before and after the flop, and anything up to $8 on the turn and the river. Obviously you’ll want to know the betting limits before you sit down to play, but where will you get this information? You can ask the floor manager, of course, or any of the other cardroom employees, but if you want to gather information on the sly, just look for a little brass plate on the table to the right of where the dealer sits. There you’ll find the name of the game being played at that table, the betting limits imposed, and also the structure of the house rake.

The rake is the money that the house takes out of each pot. It’s payment, if you will, for all the services that the house provides, including a dealer, cards and chips, tables and chairs, security, and often amenities such as free drinks or food. A typical rake is 5% of the pot up to a certain ceiling, such as $3 per pot. Sometimes the rake is taken out of the pot directly; in other cardrooms, each player in turn posts a collection before the hand begins. There are strategy considerations to be made, depending on whether you’re in a rake game or a collection game, but we’ll get to those later. For now, all you need to do is watch a hand or two being dealt and notice whether the dealer is collecting the rake before the hand begins or while the hand is underway.

Texas hold ’em is known as a button game. That is, there’s a round disc, called a dealer button, which moves from player to player, in a clockwise fashion, with each hand. Though players don’t deal for themselves in public cardrooms, the button represents which player would be the dealer if the deal were advanced from player to player as the game went along. This is important because some players to the left of the button have to post blind bets, or blinds, at the start of each hand.

In most hold ’em games, you’ll find two blinds. The small blind, to the dealer’s immediate left, is usually half the amount of the small bet in a fixed limit game. The big blind, to the immediate left of the small blind, is usually equal to the full amount of the small bet in a fixed limit game. If you were playing $4-8 hold ’em, the small blind would post $2 and the big blind would post $4. In the case of a game where half the single bet is not an even amount, the small blind will post either 1/3 or 2/3 of the single bet. In a $15-30 game, then, the small blind would post either $5 or $10, depending on the house rules at that particular casino.

The purpose of the blind bet is to get at least some money into every pot. If there were no blinds, then no player would enter the pot with anything except the very best hands. There would be very little betting; the game would get dull and probably die. With the blind bet, each player takes his turn entering the pot involuntarily. Then the other players, acting after the blinds, can decide whether they want to compete for the blinds’ money by contributing bets of their own. The blinds, then, serve to stimulate the action in a button-style poker game.

As you’ll soon see, position is very important in Texas hold ’em. The later you get to act, the bigger an advantage you have, with the players in the blinds being in the most vulnerable position, and the players near or on the button having the biggest positional edge. Even before we get to that, though, you can see that players posting the blinds are entering the pot involuntarily, with hands that are probably no better than average. That’s why the button moves with every hand: so that each player takes his or her fair turn at posting the blinds and at being in late position, near or on the button.

Next time we’ll look at the kinds of starting hands you’d like to have in hold ’em – and at the kinds of starting hands you’re most likely to see! Until then, here’s your homework: Deal yourself a bunch of two-card hands and ask yourself which you think are the strongest hands and why. Also think about why a player in late position has an advantage over a player in early position. Finally, find a hold ’em game in a cardroom (or online cardroom) and take note of the start hands that players in that game favor. Start to imagine yourself taking a seat among them, because it won’t be long before you’re ready now!




Wendeen EolisLyle Berman and Steve UFALipscomb’s Confection:

Ed. Note: The original version of this two-part feature appeared as the cover story in Poker Digest. Ms. Eolis has added material on Lyle Berman’s experience at the 2002 WSOP and Berman’s “poker philosophy” for The story is an adaptation of interviews and material that are part of a chapter in Ms. Eolis’ forthcoming book, Power Poker Dame.

With an unstoppable brain for business and a honed passion for poker, Lyle Berman, thrives on cutting edge projects and calculated gambles. Lyle thinks big. So, does Steve Lipscomb, the lawyer/businessman -turned television producer, who sidled up to the multimillionaire Chairman of Lakes Gaming, Inc (“LGI”), during the last World Series of Poker, to propose the idea of a poker tournament season on television.

Berman and Lipscomb team up

One year later, the introductory patter, has given birth to the World Poker Tour, LLC., a joint venture between Lakes Gaming Inc. (the gaming company that Lyle founded and took public) and Steve, the creative genius who has previously filmed the WSOP and the Party Poker Million tournaments for the Discovery and Travel channels, respectively. According to their unified voice, “the nation’s most popular card game is poised to become the next significant televised mainstream sport.

The “PGA” of Poker is coming

The World UFA Poker Tour will consist of 13 nationally televised poker events, filmed at prestigious casino sites. The WPT is projected to launch between the football and baseball seasons in 2003. Each show will be two hours each in a season of thirteen shows, run twice, for a total of twenty-six weeks. The tournaments consist of eleven “member” events, one $200,000 “free roll” event sponsored by the WPT and then the grand finale.

The $200,000 “free roll”

Each member casino sends one entrant of its choice and the WPT selects ten entrants of its choice for this event. And there is a kicker here- bigger than the Ace of Spades! This free roll tournament is also open to every WSOP Final Event World Champion and all inductees into the Binion’s Poker Hall of Fame. So expect to get roughed up here if you’d rather be lucky than good!

The $25,000 Buy-In grand finale

The tour begins fittingly in Las Vegas where big time poker tournaments were born, and the conclusion of the first season is expected to return there, full circle, for the grand finale- a $25,000 Buy-In No Limit Hold’em Championship. The final WPT event will feature the winner of each tournament on the tour (their entries are pre-paid off the top of each individual event’s total prize pool) and everyone else with the guts and the cash to ante up “ten dimes” for a chance to beat the twelve defending WPT Champions. Viewers (during the telecast, but not during the tournaments themselves) are sure to witness heart stopping bets, brilliant “calls” and “bad beats” through cameras that show the players’ hole cards while the hands are in progress.

The WPT 2002-2003 tentative production schedule

The casinos taking part during the first year’s televised tour are dispatching poker representatives to Las Vegas to formally accept their roles as “Charter Members of the World poker Tour. The casinos (including dates and locations, to the extent already determined) are listed below in the order in which their tournaments are expected to take place:

The WPT is SRO

With the exception of the World Series of Poker and the Trump Taj Mahal United States Poker Championship, the WPT has snared every major event in the United States. Taj Mahal Vice President Vince Mascio comments, straightforwardly, on his casino’s absence, “Our budget is set for the immediate future. We may take a look at this down the road and wish the WPT well in its venture.”

In addition to the longstanding major tournaments on American soil, the 2002 -2003 WPT schedule also includes a tournament in Costa Rica, and another in France as well as a tournament with on-line qualifiers that moves to the final table on a luxury cruise ship (in the Caribbean). Another event will feature a live final table (location yet to be determined) drawn from a sophisticated Internet poker room with an around the world client base.

The reception to the WPT’s marketing effort has astonished even the visionaries behind it. Mr. Lipscomb says, “I can’t believe the extraordinary response happened quite so fast with completion of agreements for our entire tour within six weeks from sending out the first contract.”

The WPT launch event

The WPT will be launched with a Media Event at the world-renowned Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV on Sunday May 26th, at 5 PM. The posh cocktail reception/buffet and WPT Press Conference will take place in the Gauguin Conference Room, an aerobic five-minute walk from Bellagio’s lush conservatory and a museum that has featured Gauguin masterpieces in its collection; through July 24th, thirty eight precious works by Alexander Calder are on view.

The marketing foot remains on the peddle

The media event will be short on self-congratulatory remarks by CEO Lipscomb and lavish in appreciation of its charter members. Mr. Lipscomb crows that the WPT team is “awesome” (Audrey Kania, Senior Vice President, Robyn Moder Supervising Producer, Robert Cusolito producer) noting that this team is the underpinning of the phenomena of the new poker era that is about to unfold before your eyes. Canapés will be floated, wine and beer will flow and no doubt all but the smile-challenged will be photographed during the ninety-minute party, which according to Mr. Lipscomb will include a promotional tape on “how we take poker to the next level.” He continues, “The press event room will have blown up pictures and a 3D model of the set that will go to each tournament so that whenever you tune in, you see it and know you are at the WPT.”

A media tournament

The press conference will be followed by a $5,000 “free roll” Poker Tournament for each authorized member of the media, providing a shot at winning a piece of the $5000 prize pool for oneself or for the charity of his/her choice. The icing on the cake is the list of No Limit Hold’em tips that Lyle will tick off before the tournament gets under way-with powerful assists from fellow world champion poker players.

Mr. Lyle Berman is the force behind the WPT

Lakes Gaming, Inc. (“LGI”) has invested a hefty $3.500,000 in hard cash to get this tour rolling- with Lyle Berman in place as Chairman of both LGI and World Poker Tour, LLC (“WPT”) and Steve as President and CEO of WPT.

Lyle on Lyle begins

At the beginning of many hours of conversation, when I marvel at his company’s undertaking, Lyle (widely recognized in the poker world by his first name), quips, “I’ve done a little less well” than fellow Wharton Business School alumni gaming executives Donald Trump and Steve Wynne. But Mr.Trump’s skyscrapers and Mr. Wynn’s glitzy, groundbreaking hotel deals are hardly intimidating to this newest member of the illustrious Binion’s Poker Hall of Fame. In business, as in poker, Lyle is securely in the chips, and he regards his friends’ accomplishments as inspirational competition.

The early days

Born in 1941 in Minneapolis, MN, Lyle was the middle child between two sisters-one two years younger and one two years older than he is. Both of his parents are alive. Lyle says proudly, “I have good genes.” Good grades and good “testmanship” came easily to Lyle. He completed his elementary education in poker, and both grade school and high school in Minneapolis. The University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton Business School accepted his application and he eagerly accepted his placement there.

College poker proves risky

At Wharton, Lyle studied business by day, but there were also more than a few evenings that the poker wily youngster hosted card games at an apartment near the campus. As is wont to happen in a poker game when talented, players like Lyle are in it, more than a few students got their comeuppance, and at least one of them went for broke while Lyle was proving his mettle. His success at the poker table spelled a schooling crisis for Lyle, when he was among the players called into the dean’s office to explain his illegal gambling operation. Before escaping from the incident totally unscathed by a criminal record, Lyle first managed to get himself arrested, thrown out of school, and hauled into court to defend against the charges.

In a court appearance with fellow poker players, Lyle faced the judge, confidently. All charges were dismissed, but Wharton left no option to return. He took his punishment in stride, and showed little apparent remorse. So thought the University of Minnesota where Lyle retreated with a plea for admission to complete his college education. Initially, the school refused him, but the unflappable Lyle simply picked up stakes and parked himself in the army to learn a little more humility. He reapplied to the university, the second time around, demonstrating the required remorse. Lyle was admitted a few months later and obtained his college degree.

Lyle grows Grandpa’s business

Following his graduation from the University of Minnesota, Lyle plunged into the family business, going to work with his Dad in his grandfather’s lifelong labor of love, begun in 1899 as Berman Brothers Fur and Wool Company. In the early days, Grandpa traded furs and hides. Then in the 40’s, Lyle’s Dad and uncle transformed the business, “into a wholesale company for Indian and Western motif tourist stores -leather and related stuff. Late 60’s Hippies loved leather. So, we went retail.” The company was energized and invigorated by this move. Lyle pumped up the profits to sell the prosperous business to W. R. Grace, Inc. in 1978, continuing to run the company for the giant conglomerate until 1986 when he bought it back at ten times the selling price

Lyle climbs poker ladder fast

As his business successes mounted so did his passion for poker. In 1982, Lyle read Doyle Brunson’s book, Super System (known by Doyle’s legions of fans as the Poker Bible), he then set his sights on Las Vegas. Upon reaching the gambling paradise, he promptly played in his first tournament, a $100 Buy-In event (with re-buys) in which he knocked out then reigning WSOP Champion Tom McEvoy, shortly before going to the rail, himself.

Lyle chuckles at the memory, “I discovered I enjoyed losing $300 in the poker tournament more than I liked winning the $10,000 at the crap table a few minutes before I got to the poker table.” Then he recalls, with amusement, how he played in a one time only charity event in Aspen a couple of years later, only to run into the WSOP World Champion McEvoy, again. As in the first encounter, Lyle zoomed past McEvoy, this time straight into first place. Lyle was more thrilled to beat McEvoy than the whole rest of the field that left him as the last man standing. Since 1984 Lyle has played every WSOP and the famous side games that have run along side them over the years. Two years after his first poker volley in a public card room (1983), he took the blue ribbon and a pile of cash in the Pot Limit Omaha Tournament at Tom “Amarillo Slim” Preston’s Super Bowl of Poker, a one day tournament in which he held the same seat (was never moved to another table) for the entire proceedings.

Poker in the Golden 80’s

From the first of his jaunts to Las Vegas in 1983 to places like the Stardust, the Golden Nugget and the WSOP and through the Golden Eighties decade, Lyle was a middle limit (by his standards) “black chip” Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and No Limit Hold’em (NLH) specialist in games that called for $25, $25, $50 blinds (three blinds including a small blind on the button were de rigueur in those days) and minimum Buy In-Ins of $2,000, Lyle, like most of the …

poker deposit pulsa

Bet on the Oscars

Hollywood’s big night! Intrigue, famous faces, fashion, and, of course, the movies. It’s a close race this year, with whisper campaigns and promotion to rival any election. As always, bookmakers around the globe have tallied the odds-on favorites.


No golden Oscars have been lost this year, but rumors of smear tactics against A Beautiful Mind are rampant. Stories abound that the movie is a very loose interpretation of real events and that the real John Nash (the schizophrenic economist on whom the story is based) made anti-Semitic comments and fathered an illegitimate child. Does it matter? It shouldn’t, but it makes for good press and controversy breeds interest.


The Net teems with critical predictions. Start at for the official rundown and nominee list. CNN critics square off in an Oscar debate. Roger Ebert always has something to say. Check out Entertainment Weekly’s for stories, predictions and the “inside dirt”. Enjoy the lighter side of Oscar with Yahoo’s Oscar Pool. And I never miss an article by humorist Dave Barry who has a skewed view of the awards, to say the least.


On with the odds! provides links to many bookmaker sites, including Gamebookers and Victor Chandler. Betbrain does a nice job averaging bookmaker predictions. Overall, average odds give The Best Picture nod to A Beautiful Mind (-178) with The Lord of the Rings second (+163).


Australian bookmaker favors the following: Best Picture-A Beautiful Mind (-175); Best Actor-Russell Crowe (-200); Best Actress-Sissy Spacek (-167); Supporting Actor-Ian McKellan (+100); Supporting Actress-Jennifer Connelly (-455); Best Director-Ron Howard (-161).


And Vegas, you ask? Legally speaking, “Nevada sports books may legally only take wagers on events that are decided openly on a field of play, like a game or a race,” says an archived article from Since the Oscar ballots are already sitting in a vault somewhere, this type of betting is off-limits in Nevada.


My Two Bits:


For the first year in many I have seen all the Best Picture nominees. I am disappointed that Memento was neglected. But I like the broad spectrum of this year’s pics, so I grade them from 1-10:


Gosford Park: 8/10: character driven English period peace, rich in dialogue and subtlety.


A Beautiful Mind: 7/10: pseudo-true story of a brilliant poker deposit pulsa mind battling itself and the world around.


In The Bedroom: 8/10: Slow-moving piece with realistic characters, stays with you like the memory of a great meal.


The Lord of the Rings: 9/10: What can I say; I’m a Tolkien fan, having screamed through all 3 books in advance of the first film. The movie had it all, but I fear the “fantasy” aspect may hurt Oscar chances for the meatier awards of best picture/director. *my best picture pick*


Moulin Rouge: 8/10: As a rule I avoid musicals but my wife dragged me to this one, and I came away with respect for the scope and pure Bohemian joy evident on screen.

judi poker mogeqq

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing

Thank God that I have had the chance of witnessing the real thing. I mean the World Series of Poker at Binion’s Horseshoe. For three months leading up to it, I played fantasy cards in my head and won gold bracelets head up against top Americans, meanwhile scraping the money together to get a flight and accommodations. Can the World Series of Poker be the same anywhere else but at Binion’s Horseshoe? As soon as you arrive, the heat hits you, while you get your taxi downtown and check in to the hotel. Is it a real carpet or just a tarmac on the floor? My feet always stick to it anyway. Did Binion’s ever turn the lights on inside the casino? Not while I was there. Once settled, I would go straight to the bar to find the Irish team and find out who was winning, so as to get the best exchange rate for my pounds. Then, I’d be off for one of those famous cheeseburgers at the Horseshoe Snack Bar.


I remember the first time I ever got a seat to play in the World Series of Poker. You would have thought I’d already won it; all I did was walk around telling people, “I’ve won a seat! I’ve won a seat!”


Can it ever be the same at the Rio? With 2,500 runners last year and 5,000 expected this year, you will be the odd one out if you don’t play. Actually, the biggest poker tournament I’ve ever won was at the Rio, the first year that the Carnivale of Poker was held there. I was 40 years old and they say life begins at 40. Mine sure did. I was so emotional after winning that I was in tears while phoning home. People actually stopped to ask if they could help me, and I had to explain that they were tears of joy.


It looks like poker will bring the whole world to the Rio this year, and I feel sorry for those new players who have never played at Binion’s Horseshoe. I have a picture at home of Stu Ungar and Doyle Brunson when Stuey won his first WSOP title. Binion’s has been a shrine, but now it’s just another memory. Will the up-and-coming stars of tomorrow really understand the prestige of the WSOP? For years, everyone used to say that it was going to get bigger and bigger. And now the future is here. This year, the chances are that you are going to become a millionaire just for reaching the final table, some prospect for reaching a final. Poker has gone from cabbages to caviar, with numerous players getting sponsorship deals worth thousands of pounds. Gone are the days of four players sharing a room for $20 per night. Sometimes your life can change so quickly. We are all only one turn of a card away from being judi poker mogeqq millionaires.


What are the chances of winning the World Series of Poker twice? Not the same as when “The Grand Old Man” Johnny Moss did. I had the pleasure of meeting and playing against Johnny years ago when he sat next to me in the $1,500 no-limit hold’em tournament. I introduced myself as Mad Marty. “Why do they call you mad?” Johnny asked me.


“Because I shot someone for asking too many questions,” I replied. This made Johnny laugh, and we became good friends for the few years that I knew him.


The only thing missing from Binion’s is a chapel, as we’ve all heard about the difference between the card player who prays in a casino and the man who prays in church. The card player really means it. “Please let me win the next hand.”


Maybe next year we will be saying that the Rio is the best thing to happen to poker. Let’s hope they do keep the final table at the Horseshoe. It is the history of poker, and should not be forgotten.


Marty’s Holiday Camp

Are you ready to get the adrenalin flowing? Then listen to my new idea. What would happen if selected players considered poaching minifestivals from casinos and running them in holiday camps, with light entertainment for players’ wives and children? Consider a week in Butlins at Skegness. It would promise to be one of the most competitive, fascinating, daring, and entertaining tournaments ever. We could make poker a family occasion — bring the kids, your parents, and your next-door neighbors. Imagine having this conversation with your friends.


“Have you booked your holiday?”


“Yes. I’m going to Clackton for two weeks with The Devilfish, Marcel Luske, and Mad Marty Wilson.”


This could all be to come, so remember where you heard it first.


And don’t forget — there ain’t no party without Mad Marty!


It’s 789bet Boom Time for Net Gambling

Websense, which compiles lists of specific URLs to block for its hundreds of corporate clients, claims the number of gambling sites has mushroomed 169 percent in the last six months, with the total number of sites now topping 21,000. That, the company says, makes Net gambling the fastest growing industry on the Web, based on raw page growth.

The figures likely won’t come as welcome news to several U.S. lawmakers pushing bills that would ban Net gambling in the United States. Three separate bills working their way through Congress would, if passed, rely on Internet service providers to enforce the ban by blocking access to gambling sites.

As the number of sites explodes, however, the task of blocking them becomes increasingly unrealistic.

“It will be difficult to enforce; we’ve always known that,” U.S. Senator and Net gambling opponent Jon L. Kyl (R-Arizona) told the Wall Street Journal last month. “I think there will be an evolving cat-and-mouse game as sites try to find a way around the law.”

Still, there may be less to the Websense growth numbers than meets the eye.

In the last six months, a number of Net gambling companies have started “franchising” operations, in which they give individual Web surfers the tools to set up their own gaming sites in exchange for a big cut of the sites’ subsequent revenues.

Those new surfer-built sites may look and feel different from each other, and may have different URLs, but they all share the gambling license and Web servers owned by the original Net gambling company.

“If there are 21,000 789bet websites, they’re pointing to a much smaller number of servers,” said Sebastian Sinclair, vice president of Christiansen Capital Advisors, a research firm that focuses on the gambling industry. “A lot of these franchising sites have hundreds of gateways,” but they share a very small number of IP addresses, and those can still easily be blocked by ISPs.

Many gambling sites also buy dozens and dozens of different URLs that all lead back to the same servers, Sinclair said. He estimates that there are fewer than 350 distinct Net gaming companies.

And even though the number of truly distinct gaming sites may be smaller than Websense’s tally, Sinclair says his staff truggles mightily to keep tabs on the industry’s swelling ranks.

“It’s a monumental task,” he said.

Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya

Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya Sponsors Announced for iGamingWorld Show

Internet Wire – Boston Media Corporation announced today its partnership with SportBusiness Group’s SportBusiness International, Highbury House Communications’ Gambling Online Magazine and Lyceum Publishing’s

The media sponsors will endorse and help to promote the iGamingWorld Conference, scheduled for June 24-26 at the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

SportBusiness International is a leading global monthly publication for the business of sport, providing its readership with critical business analysis and insight. As a media sponsor for iGamingWorld, SportBusiness International will distribute a comprehensive show guide to be included in the June issue, detailing the conference agenda, session and keynote speaker bios, and other event happenings.

“This association with Boston Media is an exciting next step for us, following the launch of our Online Gambling research report,” said Ben Crawford, Managing Director for SportBusiness Group.

“iGamingWorld is a worthy addition to Boston Media’s ventures; its focus on marketing for the online Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya gaming industry is unique and we look forward to our partnership and a successful event.” Gambling Online Magazine and, essential resources for the online gaming industry, will contribute to the content development for the event.

Michael Caselli, editor for both the publications, will co-chair conference. In addition, the iGamingWorld conference brochure will be presented in Gambling Online’s May/June issue.

“Gambling Online Magazine and are a perfect fit for iGamingWorld,” said Caselli. “It’s great to be involved with another organization helping to advance the online gaming industry,” he noted.

“Boston Media is proud to have such distinguished media sponsors as SportBusiness International, Gambling Online Magazine and to endorse iGamingWorld,” said Jessica Benoit, Conference Manager for iGamingWorld. The partnerships will play a crucial role in the marketing success of the event.”

Interactive Gaming Summit Hits Toronto

A “Gambling is the biggest growth area on the Internet and we believe its true potential as a traffic and revenue driver has yet to be fully realized.” – Amanda Anthony, an MSN business marketing manager.

“We were profitable from day one,” says Playboy Chief Executive Christie Hefner about her company’s gaming service. “Barring some nuclear event, I put my money on online gaming being the biggest source of online revenue for us in five years.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Interactive gaming is now recognized as an enormous long-term opportunity for technology companies, entertainment companies, governments, and existing land-based gambling companies around the world. There is one event where the major players meet to realize i-gaming’s potential.

The Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo, already the largest tradeshow in the industry, is the single most important event for i-gaming executives, operators, officials, legislators, investors, and suppliers.

The 2002 Summit includes a full educational conference with three concurrent seminar tracks as well as a full-sized tradeshow with over 100 exhibiting companies expected. Gambling’s movers and shakers, along with a confluence of government officials, investors technology specialists, entertainment reps, will attend this one event, where the major announcements, the major decisions, the major buys, and the most important networking opportunities will occur.

Register now for The Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo by visiting Read about the program schedule, book your flight and hotel room, get questions answered by the show producers, and learn why the Summit 2002 may be the most important event in the gambling and entertainment industries.

Register online, by phone, or by fax and reserve your place at this prestigious event.

Judi Slot

Secrets Of Judi Slot Casino Software

“…the vast majority of claims that casino software is rigged are unjustified.”

Pssst! Wanna hear the inside story? Read on to learn the secrets of Internet casino software.

The Scoop on Software…

Of course what we’re really talking about here is the undying suspicion that many players have that the software they use at Casino XYZ is rigged. As tempting as this may be to believe the likelihood of it is very slim indeed.

The simple truth of software is that just about anything can (theoretically) be done. If you can think of a thing that might be done it probably can be. However software development is expensive because software developers are well paid and the really good ones are really well paid. Also, those development costs rise exponentially with complexity.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I believe that the vast majority of claims that casino software is rigged are unjustified. But how can I say this so blatantly? Easy! It boils down to this: cheating is too expensive.

Let’s assume that Casino XYZ builds software with cheats. Either the cheats will be simplistic — cheap and easy — or the cheats will, by necessity, be sophisticated — complex and therefore expensive.

If the cheats are simplistic they’ll be easy to detect. If they’re easy to detect then they certainly will be, probably quickly, and the casino is sunk. Why would they bother?

If the cheats are sophisticated — read “difficult to detect” — then they’ll have been very expensive to build thereby enormously inflating the Casino’s downside risk of detection. Statistics being what they are someone, somewhere will eventually detect the patterns behind the cheats. Here the casino is sunk again but at much greater cost. Again, why bother?

Of course all of this is a moot point because all casino games are designed to return a steady percentage back to the house anyway. There is little point in a casino trying to steal money by cheating when the very nature of their business means that they can so easily do it out in the open.

Most Judi Slot players lose most of the time and that’s all the casino really needs in order to make its profits. Like I said, cheating is too expensive. Picks ‘Six Feet Under’

  1. JOHN’S, Antigua — The competition is not so much stiff — as stiffs — according to Internet bookmaker, which picks HBO’s drama Six Feet Under to win the Outstanding Drama award at the 54th Primetime Emmys on Sunday September 22. Six Feet Under has won 23 Emmy nominations and looks set to scoop a casket full of awards. Donations — not flowers — please …

Next in line is NBC’s The West Wing with 21 nominations. Martin Sheen and Allison Janney are both favorites to win the vote in the male and female dramatic acting categories.

Jennifer Aniston and Raymond Romano are’s laugh-a-minute lovelies to win the comedy acting prizes. Friends continues to delight and is the top pick in the comedy series category. is also offering action on both Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston winning their respective Emmys. Bet $10.00 and win $30.00 if Hollywood’s golden couple BOTH boost the trophy cabinet on Sunday September 22.

But if ONLY Brad wins — at 8-1 — at least Jennifer could win $800 on a $100 bet. She can’t lose either way!

“Award Shows make for perfect betting action. The results are shown live on television and you can back your favorite TV actor or show,” said Michael Maerz, chief bet manager of

“Make the right guess, and when they say ‘And the winner is … ‘, it could be you! has always offered entertainment betting, and it gets a great reaction from our customers. We are delighted to provide some Emmy action to give this year’s ceremony some extra spice,” he said.




Dominoqq Online

The Dominoqq Online Week in Spain

*The big two both won so Real Madrid stay a point clear of Barcelona put the Merengues made heavy weather of winning 2-1 at Cordoba. They went behind to the 14th placed team in the third minute and although Karim Benzema pulled Real level on 27 minutes, disaster struck when Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off with eight minutes to go. Gareth Bale saved Real’s blushes with a penalty a minute from time but the FIFA World Player of the Year faces a three-match ban for swinging an arm and aiming a kick at his over-attentive markers.


The Week in Spain January 24 2015.



* Lowly Elche must be sick of Barça by now after they were overwhelmed 6-0 at home by Luis Enrique’s team. The Catalans have now put 15 goals past them this month after winning 10-0 on aggregate in the Copa del Rey. Leo Messi and Neymar both scored twice, while Pedro and Gerard Piqué added the rest.


With six straight Dominoqq Online victories and a morale-boosting win over Atletico in midweek, the mood is brightening at the Camp Nou. That said, Luis Suarez was benched today despite a vote of confidence from Enrique and has scored only five in seventeen outings.


*Atletico Madrid tried to keep it a three horse race by winning 3-1 at home to Rayo Vallecano to stay six points behind Barça with a game in hand. French forward Antoine Griezmann netted twice for the Colchoneros and the rejuvenated Fernando Torres played the last 20 minutes.


National coach Vicente Del Bosque has praised the returning Atletico hero and has said he is open to recalling El Niño to his next Spain squad. Their next outing is a Group C Euro 2016 qualifier at home to Ukraine on the 27th of March.


*With Barcelona banned from the transfer market until next year, Real Madrid have capitalised by signing two promising young midfielders. Brazil U21 international Lucas Silva Borges has put pen to paper on a four and a half year deal rumoured to be around £9.7 million.


The 21 year-old Silva was voted best defensive midfielder in last season’s Brasileiro Serie A campaign for Cruzeiro.


Martin Odegaard, the 15 year-old Norwegian prodigy, is more of a fantasista, a creative midifleder, and signed a contract at the Bernabeu which will pay him £80,000 per week. Press reports suggest the fee was in the range of £2-3 million rising to £6 million with appearances. How good is he? This is what he did in Norway:




*Carlo Ancelotti was named the best coach in the world by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics this week, with Atletico’s Diego Simeone in second. Pep Guardiola came third, confirming Spain is still a big player in world soccer, with Jose Mourinho in fourth.


Personally, I would have given the gong to Simeone for breaking the Real-Barça hegemony to win the league and reach the Champions League final, all without anything like the resources of Atletico’s big rivals. This might change in future however, as this week Wanda, the firm which belongs to China’s second-richest man Wang Jianlin, snapped up a 20% stake in the club for only €45 million.





Togel Hongkong

The Card Togel Hongkong Player Mission Statement



The hot new concept for enlightened companies is to generate mission statements for the various categories of people among whom there is interaction.


As in poker, the idea is that it is easier to get where you want to go if you know where you are going – and why.


There have been so many changes at Card Player lately that I thought we had better know our missions so that we can at least have a chance of accomplishing them. So, here they are:


To our readers: Our mission is to bring you a well-written, interesting, accurate, and informative magazine that will tweak your poker interest, knowledge, and comportment to make poker more enjoyable for you.


To our advertisers: Our mission is to bring more Togel Hongkong players into your respective cardrooms.


To our staff: Our mission is to provide an environment in which you will grow, prosper, enjoy, and fulfill your potential in order to accomplish our missions to our readers and advertisers.


To our shareholders: Our mission is to have a company that provides the very best product in our industry and elevates poker in the eyes of the general public.


Wow, that was fun. All of these missions work together. In order to do a great job on any one, we have to do a great job on all four. They are inexorably intertwined.


Stop. Before you call me a money-grubbing hypocrite, take a look. Of course I want income. It is the only logical flow from accomplishing all of the missions stated above.


When we have a tough editorial decision regarding an article, we simply look at our missions and see how it fits. If it fits, we print it. If it doesn’t, we either edit it or don’t publish it.


Perhaps you ought to have your own private poker mission statements. They don’t necessarily have to relate to winning the most amount of money possible. There are many other factors that may help you choose where to play, what to play, and with whom. Money certainly is a major factor, especially if you play for a living. But some people play to spend an enjoyable amount of time out of the house. Others want the ego satisfaction of winning tournaments, while others want a poker room that makes them feel important.


Personally, I like to play where I am having fun. I enjoy nice surroundings. Availability of good food probably is more important to me than it ought to be. My ego forces me to want to be a winner, but, admittedly, that is not how I pay my rent. In tournaments, I have no choice, but in live action, I play many more hours when the game is fun. That probably is more true for many players than they realize. That is another pragmatic reason why both player and dealer abuse must not be tolerated. But, that is an article for another day.




Bola88 Embarrassment



Daniel Negreanu recently told me, “Phil, I was absolutely embarrassed for you as I watched you play no-limit hold’em last week in the PPT (Professional Poker Tour) tournament. I think you’re too focused on all of the great business opportunities you have right now.” Um … OK, Daniel. It was a bit harsh, but I took it in the spirit it was intended. (“Phil — pull your head out and start playing no-limit hold’em the way you know how to play.”)


Speaking of playing some great poker, Daniel had a year for the record books. I will tell you a lot more about that when I finally get around to writing my “Champion of the Year” award column, in which I’ll announce that Daniel won the award and absolutely dominated poker’s biggest events in 2004. By the way, he also started 2005 very well with third-place finishes in the World Poker Tour event at the Jack Binion World Poker Open and the Professional Bola88 Poker Tour (PPT) event at the L.A. Poker Classic.


In any case, let’s take a closer look at my “embarrassing” play in the PPT event at the L.A. Poker Classic. The first hand I played, I raised to $1,400 to go with the Ahearts Qhearts from late position and was called by an amateur. After a flop of Aspades Jspades 4hearts, I checked, my opponent bet out $1,500, and I raised, making it $6,000 to go. My opponent called me fairly quickly.


The turn card was the 5spades. I checked again. On the flop, I felt that my opponent had a flush draw. Now, after I checked, he checked as quickly as I’ve ever seen anyone check. He nearly checked out of turn, before I had checked. What a tell! Now, I knew he had made a flush, right? I wish …


The river was the 8clubs, and I decided to bet out $4,000. Of course, if my opponent raised me here, I would have a very easy laydown. And he did just that, moving all in for another $8,100. It was bad enough that I had bet $4,000, so there was no way that I would “call off” another $8,100, an amount that would really hurt my chip standing and nearly cripple me. But suddenly, I called (my opponent had the Kspades Qspades — the nut flush). I guess I’m beginning to see what Daniel was talking about!


Next up, about 20 minutes later, I made it $1,400 to go with the Adiamonds Qdiamonds. I was called by Phi Nyguen, who is an excellent no-limit hold’em player. He and I have made it far together in many no-limit hold’em events over the last few years. The flop came down K-Q-9, I checked, and Phi checked.


Now, a 3 came off, and I bet out $2,100. Phi called, but I sensed that he had hit a set of threes — as he looked like he wanted to raise. A deuce came off on the river and I bet out a “defensive” $2,100. There was no way I could call any raise from Phi in this situation, right? (Sound familiar?) I had sensed he was strong on the previous round of betting, and I bet out to make sure I showed him I had something; my betting pattern had shown some strength.


Phi raised me $4,000, and for some strange reason I disregarded everything I had sensed and called him. He showed me the Jdiamonds 10diamonds; he had flopped a straight. At this point, I began to berate myself out loud; I don’t berate just my opponents! I said, “Phil, what are you thinking? You called off at least $16,000 in chips. You never would have called in these situations in the past. Stop playing like someone else, and start playing your game!”


Next up, while I was complaining about Phi calling my raise with the Jdiamonds 10diamonds, I raised to $1,400 with the Kdiamonds Jdiamonds. This time, Tom McEvoy called me with the 9spades 8spades, and the flop came down Khearts 8diamonds 6diamonds. I checked my top pair and flush draw to Tom, who sized me up and decided to bet my last $4,100. I called him instantly, and the 10diamonds came off on the turn to end that pot.


The very next hand, I picked up K-K and just called $400. Tom made it $1,600 to go, everyone else folded, and I moved all in. Tom beat me into the pot with his A-A, but at least he had only $4,000 or so. After all of the boardcards were dealt faceup and Tom was reaching to collect the pot, he said, “Now, that’s justice.” I thought to myself, “What? A-A over K-K is as unlucky as it gets; how is that justice? Was it justice because his 9-8 didn’t outdraw me in the last hand when I was a huge favorite all the way?”


In any case, I really do love Tom McEvoy, and for this reason his comment didn’t bother me too much; I know that he didn’t mean anything by it. However, if someone else had said that, I would have told the other pros to watch out for the guy and his bad etiquette. Tom is absolutely a first-class guy all the way (even if he did bust me out about an hour later).


How did Tom bust me? I moved all in for $6,000 with the Khearts 7hearts, and he called me with the Kspades Qspades. Daniel was right, as I’m embarrassed just writing this column about my PPT play!