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Jadwal Sepakbola Malam Ini MU vs Anderlecht, pengeluaran sgp



Jadwal Sepakbola Malam Ini MU vs Anderlecht, 21 April 2017 pukul 02.05 WIB. Sudah meraih hasil positif meski agregat masih sama kuat 1-1, bukan tidak mungkin di laga ini Jose Mourinho lebih suka pasukannya mengamankan skor 0-0. Meskipun demikian, tetap saja prediksi Manchester United vs Anderlecht mengarah pada tuan rumah.


Menjelang jadwal 8 besar Liga Eropa 2017, Manchester United sedang dalam mood yang tinggi. Akhir pekan lalu mereka baru saja menggasak calon juara Liga Inggris, Chelsea dengan skor 2-0. Setan Merah terus saja menjaga rekor tak terkalahkan di Premier League, dan siap untuk melanjutkannya di Europa League; tempat mereka berpeluang meraih tiket otomatis ke Liga Champions musim depan.


Cedera masih menggerogoti tim. Jose Mourinho tidak akan bisa menurunkan Juan Mata, Chris Smalling, dan Phil Jones. Namun ia bakal memainkan Zlatan Ibrahimovic dan Henrikh Mkhitaryan yang diistirahatkan saat melawan Chelsea. Tujuannya tentu saja secepatnya menggulung Anderlecht. Sementara di sektor belakang, pengeluaran sgp kiper Sergio Romero akan kembali menjadi pilihan utama untuk laga Liga Europa.


Marouane Fellaini bisa masuk starting XI Manchester United, untuk membantu Paul Pogba yang posisinya didorong sebagai gelandang serang. Menarik pula, setelah penampilan impresif akhir pekan lalu, apakah Jesse Lingard ataukah Marcus Rashford yang dipilih Mou di lini depan. Apapun itu, United sangat unggul materi pemain dibandingkan Anderlecht.


Jadwal Sepakbola Malam Ini MU vs Anderlecht, 21 April 2017. Tim tamu memang bisa menahan imbang MU 1-1 di leg pertama. Anderlecht juga melakukan pemanasan yang bagus, dengan mengalahkan Oostende di akhir pekan. Cuma, wakil Liga Belgia ini harus bersiap soal lini depan mereka. Trio Lukasz Teodorczyk-Nicolae Stanciu-Frank Acheampong total sudah mengemas 12 gol di Liga Europa. Apakah mereka bisa membobol pertahanan baja United atau tidak, jadi kunci.


Melihat Jose Mourinho yang spesialis turnamen; dan lebih suka mengandalkan pendekatan pragmatis, maka Manchester United bakal sangat mulus di laga ini. Bukan tidak mungkin Anderlecht KO dengan skor besar; sesuatu yang tidak terjadi di leg pertama.


Jadwal Sepakbola Malam Ini MU vs Anderlecht, 21 April 2017

Pertemuan Sebelumnya Manchester United Vs Anderlecht :

14/04/2017, Anderlecht 1 – 1 Manchester United

24/10/2000, Anderlecht 2 – 1 Manchester United

13/09/2000, Manchester United 5 – 1 Anderlecht


5 Pertandingan Terakhir Manchester United :

01/04/2017, Manchester United 0 – 0 West Bromwich

05/04/2017, Manchester United 1 – 1 Everton

09/04/2017, Sunderland 0 – 3 Manchester United

14/04/2017, Anderlecht 1 – 1 Manchester United

16/04/2017, Manchester United 2 – 0 Chelsea


5 Pertandingan Terakhir Anderlecht :

17/03/2017, Anderlecht 1 – 0 APOEL

01/04/2017, Zulte-Waregem 1 – 2 Anderlecht

09/04/2017, Anderlecht 0 – 0 Gent

14/04/2017, Anderlecht 1 – 1 Manchester United

16/04/2017, KV Oostende 0 – 1 Anderlecht


Susunan Pemain Manchester United Vs Anderlecht :

Manchester United : David de Gea | M. Darmian | M. Rojo | E. Bailly | A. Valencia | A. Young | M. Fellaini | Ander Herrera | P. Pogba | J. Lingard | M. Rashford

Anderlecht : F. Boeckx | I. Obradovic | K. Mbodji | D. Appiah | U. Spajic | A. Chipciu | S. Hanni | A. Trebel | L. Dendoncker | Y. Tielemans | L. Teodorczyk


Jadwal Sepakbola Malam Ini MU vs Anderlecht, 21 April 2017

Pasaran Bola dan Prediksi Manchester United Vs Anderlecht

Handicap 0 : 1 ¾

Over / Under 3

Prediksi Skor 3 – 1

Tips Taruhan Bola : Manchester United & Over




Joka Casino




Presque tous les casinos en ligne offrent à leurs joueurs une grande variété de machines à sous. Ce sont l’un des jeux les plus populaires car il n’y a vraiment pas de compétences à apprendre et pas d’expertise à développer afin de commencer à jouer et, plus important encore, ils sont incroyablement divertissants. Les joueurs peuvent choisir de jouer soit avec l’argent de jeu ou avec du réel argent. Ce  sont un certain nombre de casinos en ligne qui donnent aux joueurs la possibilité de jouer avec de l’argent de jeu et gagner des prix réels comme un spin de l’argent réel gratuitement. Aux machines à sous en jouant, les joueurs ont la possibilité de repartir avec une grande quantité de prix en argent avec un seul pari. Un pari simple 1 $ peut très facilement conduire à un joueur de frapper un énorme jackpot qui change la vie. Seuls les emplacements offrent aux joueurs une telle opportunité.


Une des meilleures caractéristiques des machines à sous est la nature progressive des jackpots. Quand il s’agit de jouer les machines à sous, il n’ya pas de règles spécifiques ou de profils qui sont nécessaires pour se rappeler. Par conséquent, quel que soit votre expérience peut être en jouant aux machines, il n’est pas vraiment important. Il n’est pas sage de s’en tenir à une seule machine juste parce qu’il a été un gagnant ou que vous avez gagné une fois avec cette machine. Il est préférable de tenter votre chance avec Joka Casino un certain nombre de machines différentes, voir le fonctionnement de chaque machine, puis utilisez votre propre règle. Lorsque placer des paris avec une machine particulière, le montant des paris placés et vos gains correspondant à cette machine sont affichés. En tant que tel, vous êtes en mesure d’estimer, plus ou moins, si vous allez être en mesure de tirer profit avec une grosse victoire ou non.


Comme le montre certaines statistiques, les machines de fournir 5 millions de déboursements les plus élevés par rapport à la somme de 1, 50-cent, machines de 25 cents et 5 cents. Les machines à sous progressives offrent les plus gros jackpots obtenus mais vous devez garder à l’esprit que c’est seulement si votre objectif est atteint, il est utile de jouer depuis machines à sous progressives y a-t-il des inconvénients. Dans tous les cas, des machines à sous n’ont pas de règles précises, le joueur doit résoudre les techniques les plus appropriés pour eux-mêmes




Crypto Gambling

What Skeptical Finance Workers Say About Crypto Gambling



As our readers may know, I am a cryptocurrency evangelist and love to talk about Bitcoin and altcoins until I am blue in the face with anyone who will listen. Apart from fielding questions and concerns from Bitcoin beginners, this means that I also talk to many people who either do not fully understand cryptos or people who have absolutely no faith in them.


Recently I had two of these conversations, one with a close friend and one with a close family member. Both of these individuals remain skeptical of and cynical about Bitcoin, and both of them are heavily involved in traditional investments.



One of these two works for one of the largest investment and financial services banks in the world as a consultant. He knows finance back to front, and is an incredibly sharp person. He fails to see Bitcoin as anything more permanent than a financial fad. That is to say, he does not believe that cryptocurrencies’ tokens will have huge impacts on the global markets.


He may not be entirely off about this. We keep talking about how the market cap for Bitcoin and other altcoins is incredibly high, but they’ve only recently passed the value of some -albeit large- companies. Cryptos may just not be on the caliber needed yet to be game changing as currencies. Though, the Consultant did concede that trading may still be viable, since many businesses that he is invested in also are not fundamentally shaping the market with their overall value.


What he did find most valuable was the concept of the Blockchain. For the Consultant, a distributed public ledger could bring markets and many other aspects of financial life closer to a trustless business model. This is what he thinks can be a game changer. Though, he noted that since the technology is open source, the Blockchain can be implemented without having tokens themselves being traded -however I suspect that as long as tokens are mined/minted, people will trade them as assign them value-.



The other individual in our two stories is a good friend of mine who works as a Quantitative Data Scientist, he also is very active on the stock market for Crypto Gambling. He and I will text daily about various positions on the market. “Wtf is Tesla doing right now?!” “Ahh! I should’ve shorted Snapchat!” and other messages like this are typical for some of our conversations. I’ll also add in “Hey, did you see that Bitcoin passed $2,000 a coin today?!”


He always is flabbergasted by the performance of Bitcoin, and other alts. “But it’s not backed by anything, like, no institutions are buying it up or have it in reserve like USD.” Again, he is not wrong. Bitcoin is not a reserve currency like USD is. Bitcoin is also the antithesis of many values which large banking institutions -both private and government- hold. He does admit that there may be some money to be made -and lost- in the volatile nature of cryptos.


I think the heart of his thinking here is that Bitcoin, to both of them really, does not seem like a long term viable investment. For me, this is a difference of opinion. Where they are placing more faith in current institutions -that may adopt various aspects of cryptocurrencies-, I place more faith in the disruptive power of cryptocurrencies to institutional norms.


PKV Poker

Jenis Permainan Atau Games PKV Poker di Agen Bola Indonesia



Salah satu alasan kenapa Anda harus memilih agen bola online daripada langsung bermain di bandar adalah tersedianya banyaknya jenis permainan di agen bola Indonesia. Disini akan kami sampaikan kepada Anda beragam jenis permainan di agen bola Indonesia yaitu :


Jenis Permainan di Agen Bola Indonesia sbobet


Handicap (Handicap)

Di permainan jenis ini sama seperti Anda langsung bermain di bandar, Anda hanya memilih tim yang diunggulkan dan memberi point/fur atau memilih tim yang tidak diunggulkan. Disini Anda juga bisa memilih hanya bermain di babak pertama ataupun di semua babak.



Jenis permainan di agen bola Indonesia ini adalah permainan menebak tim manakah yang akan menang ataupun permainan akan berakhir seri


Over Under/OU

Anda bisa menebak total gol yang akan terjadi dalam satu pertandingan. Apakah diatas atau dibawah dari hasil skor yang akan diberikan.



Disini Anda boleh menebak hasil skor PKV Poker akhirnya apakah genap atau ganjil.


Jenis Permainan di Agen Bola Indonesia ibcbet


Total Goal

Jika Anda merasa beruntung, Anda bisa mencoba permainan ini dengan menebak jumlah gol yang akan terjadi.


Double Chance

Sama seperti permainan 1×2 tetapi disini Anda diberi kesempatan memilih 2 pilihan.


Correct Score

Anda bisa juga menebak hasil pertandingan yang akan terjadi.


FG/LG (Gol Pertama/Gol Terakhir)

Jenis Permainan di Agen Bola Indonesia ini Anda bisa menebak tim manakah yang mencetak gol pertama atau gol terakhir


Total Corners

Menebak jumlah corner kick yang akan dimenangkan oleh tim yang mana.


Team to Kick-Off

Menebak tim manakah yang akan melakukan kick-off pertama kalinya jika pertandingan dilakukan di stadiun netral.


Mix Parlay

Jenis permainan di agen bola Indonesia ini yaitu Mix parlay paling banyak diminati oleh para pemain, karena disini hanya dengan modal yang kecil Anda mempunyai kesempatan untuk mendapatkan hasil yang besar. Di jenis permainan ini Anda bisa memilih minimal 3 partai dengan jenis permainan yang ada dan akan diberikan odds yang berbeda-beda. Biasanya Odds tersebut sangatlah besar. Jika tebakan Anda benar semua maka Anda juga akan memenangkan taruhan dengan hasil yang besar juga. Tetapi jika ada 1 partai saja yang salah atau kalah maka taruhan Anda tersebut akan dianggap kalah semua.


Jenis Permainan di Agen Bola Indonesia Menang


Karena beragam banyaknya jenis permainan di agen bola Indonesia maka kami sangat merekomendasikan agen bola homebet88 untuk melakukan taruhan daripada memilih bermain di bandar judi biasa. Jadi tunggu apa lagi? Silahkan melakukan pendaftaran langsung di agen bola kami untuk segera melakukan taruhan di tim favorit Anda.


How to find a top online Togel casino? Useful tips



The well-known fact is that top online casinos get the highest traffic than any other web sites. There are several reasons: people head for online casinos to entertain themselves. Although you can get fun in land-based casinos, online casinos have the biggest advantage – you enjoy various games within your home. Online casinos never stop improving their service. Top online casinos now offer an opportunity to play real games like Roulette. That means you’ll play in a real land-based casino through a web camera and you’ll be able to communicate with real dealers.


But why some casinos still attract more users, than others? How people find top online casinos? The answer is not complicated, it is high quality. The word quality has a very strong meaning, and this word should lead you on the way to best online casinos.


There are some characteristics you must keep in mind while choosing a casino:


  1. License. The casino you’ve chosen is ought to have license to run their business. The license is usually given by the government. Don’t forget about this most important point when seeing attractive and rich bonuses the casino offers. As long as the casino is not legal, you must avoid it.


  1. Winning odds: Who would want to waste his money if the odds of winning are quite limited? Switch to a casino with higher winning odds.


  1. Support: It usually happens that some unexpected problems occur. In this case you need a specialist to help you out. The sup port staff working 24/7 will answer any of your questions and will give you a hand with your problems. If you can’t find the online support or it is placed not on the main page you better leave such casino for good.


  1. Security: The banking system presented at the casino you’ve picked should be totally secured for your money to be always guarded.


  1. Payment methods: Once I happened to play at an online casino that offered rather limited payment methods. I could only pay through one payment system, which was extremely inconvenient. Moreover, they released the payment once per 4 months. Pay attention to this casino feature as it concerns your money.


  1. Software: The Togel software which the casino is based on should be reliable, since the gaming process will depend on the software. As a matter of the fact, top casinos use the best software like Microgaming.


  1. Bonuses: Who doesn’t like receiving free money just for a sign-up for example? Everybody does. It’s great that most top online casinos encourage their players with free bonuses. There are even ones of 100% on a first deposit.


If you follow these simple tips, you won’t have a big problem finding a top online casino.




MGM Casino CEO optimistic about Internet Togel Gambling in USA



New Democratic leadership in the U.S. Congress could provide a chance to explore legalization of online gambling, the chief executive of casino operator MGM Mirage said on Wednesday.


A new U.S. law making it illegal for banks, credit card companies and online payment systems to process payments to online gambling companies “makes no sense whatsoever,” MGM CEO Terry Lanni said at a gambling conference held here.


“The Republican Party pandered to the religious right,” he added.


In October, Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee was successful in tacking the Internet gambling ban onto a popular bill on port safety.


Frist is retiring from Congress as he mulls a possible run for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.


Passage of the U.S. law pummeled shares of British-listed Internet gambling companies, which have since withdrawn from the U.S. market.


“Britain wants to be second to none in regulation of Internet gambling … We firmly believe that the way forward is to regulate, rather than prohibit,” said Peter Dean, chairman of Britain’s Gaming Commission, who also spoke at the conference.


Lanni said MGM would like to see a study commissioned to examine whether online gambling can be successfully regulated in the United State.


The American Gaming Association, of which Lanni is the current chair, is expected to decide in December whether to pursue legislation calling for such a study.


Dean said that from a British perspective, the U.S. ban is puzzling, in that “prohibition doesn’t have a conspicuous record of success in this country … the obvious result is that the activity is going to be driven underground.”


Wynn Togel Casino Resorts Plans Macau Expansion


Wynn Resorts announced Wednesday of the  further expansion of Wynn casino in Macau. This new expansion will add a second self-contained, fully integrated resort hotel with all related amenities including food and beverage, retail, entertainment and a casino to the existing property.


Certain portions of the gaming area of the new hotel are part of the previously announced expansion of Wynn Macau, which is expected to open as soon as Chinese New Year in February 2007, less than 90 days from now.


These gaming areas are included in the previously announced $1.2 billion budget for Wynn Macau. The new games will be operated in the short term as a second phase of its existing hotel casino until the balance of the project is completed.


The new hotel is currently scheduled to carry the name “Wynn Diamond Suites,” reflecting the all suite character of its room inventory. The final statistics concerning key total and related budget information will be available as soon as the budgeting process has been completed, which we expect to be in the second quarter of 2007.


Financing for the new hotel is yet to be arranged and requires the approval of our existing lenders.







In the last couple of years, we have witnessed a change in online gambling Online gaming was when taken into consideration a questionable procedure where underhanded website drivers simply vanished with their consumers’ loan. Points price per head have altered a whole lot since those days.


As the variety of on the internet casino players has enhanced, and the amounts of loan being wagered have sky-rocketed, like all other ecommerce businesses, on-line betting has become a developed, trustworthy alternative.


Nowadays, on-line betting is so preferred and so well organized that no legitimate operator of an on the internet betting business would run the risk of the future of his organization by ripping of his customers. As in any organization, the reliability of the operation is vital to its success. This is particularly the situation with on the internet companies, where problem travels extremely quickly. Every significant on the internet betting facility makes it a top concern to deal with clients honestly, honestly and rather.


** The appeal of on-line betting.


We take for approved that millions of people around the world prefer to bet. The factors and motivations for this coincide whether they wager in online casinos, at physical places like race tracks or betting stores, or whether they gamble online.


Land-based casinos obviously have some features that you could not get from an online casino. There is a vital social element that is not there with on the internet gaming.


Setting aside the “home entertainment” value of investing an evening at the online casino, from the betting point of view, doing your gambling online has far fewer diversions, is more efficient, and lets you a lot more easily focus on the job at hand. It’s all togel betting regularly. Which implies that you could invest hrs. – or minutes. You can position your wager as well as move on to something else.


** Ease is very important


Simply put, online gaming is a lot more convenient. There is no should drive an hour or more to invest an entire (pricey) night consuming, drinking, as well as betting. When you gamble on the internet you do it from the comfort of your own house. You can do it online at any time– in the center of the day, or in the middle of the evening.


If you are a novice to the world of on-line wagering, most of, many of websites will have tutorials and demos that show you just how things work. As well as there is no stress to play games or location wagers before you understand just what you are doing.




** Practice as well as play for complimentary


In fact, with online gaming you can get your feet damp without taking the chance of any kind of loan in all. There are several games where you can play for complimentary. You can also “test run” several actual video games to see just how they work and how you may have fared if you had been wagering actual loan. This is a terrific means to discover how the system works and to get a feeling for just what rate of interests you most. Once you feel you have adequately grasped the methods you could open a tiny account and start putting real wagers.


** Play a higher selection of games


There is currently a wide range of well-known gambling enterprises and betting sites, and most of, many of them have a variety of games to choose from. As an example, numerous have a complete selection of casino site video games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Keno, Online poker, Roulette and Craps.


However, that is only component of the action. There is typically a total Sportsbook wagering center where you can position wagers on practically any kind of significant showing off activity taking place in the world. That consists of NFL Football, NCAA Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, WNBA Basketball, Big league Baseball, NHL Hockey, PGA Golf, Pro Tennis, Automobile Racing, Expert Soccer, Expert Boxing, Olympic Sports, and a lot more.


** Protection issues


Lots of people are worried regarding the security and safety and security of online commerce, and this is specifically the situation with on the internet gambling. The fact is that any kind of effective online organization must safeguard its reputation and guard its honesty, or it will certainly run out organization extremely promptly. This is much truer for on the internet gaming websites.


Look for evaluations of the website in on the internet discussion forums where users comment on their experiences with the site. You should likewise look for special evaluation websites where online gambling sites are assessed.


When you select a website, build a relationship gradually with little quantities of cash. That will certainly provide you a chance to see just how the system works, as well as to see exactly how the on-line gaming website you have selected treats its customers.


On the internet gaming was when considered an unethical procedure in which unethical internet site drivers simply disappeared with their customers’ cash. These days, on-line gaming is so popular as well as so well organized that no reputable driver of an online gambling business would risk the future of his organization by ripping of his consumers. Setting aside the “enjoyment” worth of investing an evening at the gambling enterprise, from the wagering perspective, doing your gambling online has far less interruptions, is more reliable, and allows you much more easily concentrate on the task at hand. With on-line gambling, you could get your feet damp without risking any cash at all. Most people are worried about the safety and security as well as protection of online commerce, and this is specifically the situation with online gambling.







Jackpot City Goes Mobile



Now it’s official. The games that you’ve known and loved at the Jackpot City online casino site can now be enjoyed on your mobile. Not all of them, of course, but many of the games that you’ve already been playing and enjoying will now be available as part of their new mobile casino. Jackpot City is part of Belle Rock Entertainment. With their large success as an online casino, they are now going to take that expertise and use it as a mobile casino. They are launching their mobile casino on Spin3’s award-wining GameWire platform.


Jackpot City Mobile Casino Offerings

What this will mean for you, the user, is oodles of great mobile casino games to play. Their mobile casino will feature a full portfolio of web-based games and 17 Java-based games. These games will include such gems as Mermaid Millions, Royal Derby, Blackjack, Roulette and many more. Some of these, including Mermaid Millions, are games that were just recently launched and are only now available in the mobile casino world.



Jackpot City Fans

Those who already love Jackpot City and all of their offerings online will now find even more to love. With their large customer base, Jackpot City figured that it was time to get into the hottest craze by joining the mobile casino world. They will continue to offer outstanding games, great features, amazing prices, and all of the benefits that you’ve always found with Jackpot City.


Jackpot City Mobile Now Available

Just this past month, in July, the Jackpot City Mobile Casino Togel became available to patrons looking for a great way to enjoy a mobile casino with amazing games. Of course, the Jackpot City online casino site will still be available and raring to go for patrons. Now, there will be two amazing ways to enjoy Jackpot City – one at the online casino site and one with their new mobile casino offerings.


Excitement with Jackpot City

If you haven’t experienced mobile casino gaming yet, now is definitely the time to start to try it out. Jackpot City will have many interesting games to play, and great bonuses and prizes to enjoy. For anyone who loves their mobile phone and loves convenience, the mobile casino is a win-win situation. You can enjoy Jackpot City and its many mobile casino games anywhere that you have your phone, anytime that you want to use it. And this means added convenience and enjoyment for players. Jackpot City certainly wants its patrons to enjoy their games – and to be able to do so either from their computer or from their phone.





Discipline – The Secret of a Poker Champ



Playing a winning hand in poker requires a lot of discipline and grace. There is no room for mistakes. A single oversight can kill. It’s not about math or reading your opponents. The most important skill for a winning player is self-control.


Don’t play more than your bank account would allow. Don’t tilt if you feel you should. Don’t crumble after a couple of hands and you’re not winning. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. But what good does it do if you don’t?


Winning players listen to other people’s bad beat stories. If ever you do, don’t just listen. Evaluate the player’s story. Think about why he lost. While the person may focus on his loss, focus more on “why” he lost. Center your evaluation on the root of the loss. It’s not about the surface flaw. More often than not, it’s two or three steps earlier in the game when the person made the imminent mistake-a risky or incorrect play in the hand, perhaps. An objective analysis of the game will allow you to get at the root and see the “real” mistake.


While evaluating other people’s play, you also evaluate your own. What you do best, just enough and below expected performance. Try to think of potential ways on how to improve on the three. Poker is a game togel of chance and versatility. A combination of different techniques and maneuver can be employed to guarantee a winning hand. But as always, you have to go down at the roots.


Game selection or table selection is considered by some as the most significant poker skill. Pick out the game that is best suited to your capabilities, play, and beat the crap out of it. That may be important but it’s nothing compared to the fundamental skill of a real poker winner.


Every game that you play right now is a culmination of all the games you’ve played before. Poker is not a game of the moment. It is a result of your well-conceived strategies and techniques. Playing with regular opponents allow you to set the stage for many tactical plays minutes, hours and months before you totally blow them off. Your previous games is a step up towards leading you to gaining more self-control an the proper attitude. Always set your goal as a winning player while taking into consideration your finances. A positive outlook is needed when playing hands. If you fail on a couple of hands, don’t drown on your emotions. Each game is a separate entity from the previous or next. If all these are set in their proper places, each separate action that you take will be stemmed from a concrete, perceptive foundation.


Discipline brings forth other poker skills, tactics and maneuvers. Every chip of winning strategy and brilliant philosophy should be applied or else, it’s pointless. Everything is wasted if you don’t practice discipline. There is no other way to discipline. Discipline is the only way.


So, if you want to be a perceptive, blissful poker player, work everyday on your self-control-every minute, every hour, everyday.

casino en ligne

Starnet Announces Cour Hearing Results on casino en ligne



Starnet Communications International Inc. (OTC-BB: “SNMM”) (“Starnet” and the “Company”), a leading provider of proprietary software for the Internet gaming industry, today reported that the British Columbia Supreme Court has extended the restraining order over two of Starnet’s bank accounts for an additional six months to allow the RCMP to complete their investigation into Starnet’s on-line gaming operations.


President and Chief Executive Officer Meldon Ellis said, “While we are disappointed with the ruling, it is consistent with the Court’s past opinions. As we expected the Court to grant additional time to the RCMP to complete their investigation, we have prepared for this contingency. We have instructed our lawyers to file an appeal with the British Columbia Court of Appeal immediately and believe that our case has considerable merit. We will proceed with this appeal expeditiously and hope to be in a position to set an appeal date within a few months.”


Ellis added, “Management continues to be disappointed with the handling of this matter by the authorities, from the pace of the investigation to the apparent unwillingness to examine the issues involved. Despite our full cooperation and support of establishing legal precedents that would provide beneficial regulation of online gaming, action by the parties involved has been slow and reluctant. This is unfortunate, given the possible benefits to all parties of resolution.”


Ellis continued, “We are aggressively pursuing all possible opportunities to

resolve the investigation. Restructuring efforts have been designed to enhance the clarity of our operations and eliminate potential misunderstandings of our

operations. What has become increasingly clear to management over the past year is that while legal institutions in North America have struggled to adapt to the new reality of I-gaming, several international jurisdictions have been more proactive. These jurisdictions provide stable launching pads for our operations and form the foundation of our strategic growth plans.”


“Going forward, we will continue to develop our online gaming operations and expand internationally,” said Ellis. “Our revenues are rapidly and consistently growing, and as investments in new software and online pari-mutuel services decline over the next two quarters, we anticipate generating significant positive earnings. In the short term, we expect to make several announcements related to our new software and pari-mutuel operations, as well as growth in our core gaming operations. Over the past year, we have built a better Starnet, with enhanced products and services. As a result, we are better positioned than ever to capitalize on industry growth and look forward to a strong year.”



About Starnet


Starnet is a leading developer and producer of Internet technologies for gaming

applications on casino en ligne. Products currently offered and under development comprise a full suite of gaming products, including casinos, sports betting, bingo, lotto, and horse racing. Games are available in a number of different formats including Java, C++, and HTML and comprehensive marketing support software is also provided. For more information, please visit or email


Starnet is a fully reporting US (Delaware) corporation, which currently trades on the National Association of Security Dealers (“NASD”) Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board. The company began trading in September of 1997 under the symbol “SNMM”. Starnet is also listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange where it is traded on the Over-The-Counter market under the symbol “SNM”.