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Married White Otis, slot hoki ISO…

I’ve taken to using the trite old phrase, “It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon.” While I’m loathe to pick up hackneyed turns-of-phrase and use them into submission, I find myself using this one more and more when tutoring friends who are beginning to love the game.
Another phrase I like to use–after hearing someone say the same thing over and over again–is, “Who are you trying to convince?”
That is, if I hear someone protesting and protesting, and methinks they doth protest too much, perhaps they are trying to convince themselves and not me.
So, Otis, who are you trying to convince?
In short, I’m an undisciplined idiot, who, when on slot hoki the cusp of greatness, always seems to find a way to impede my progress.
So, this afternoon, I’m a MWO ISO the following:
1) Discipline–After a very profitable weekend of play (up about 100 BB), I decided it was time to start pulling a little bit off the top for life, fun, and whatnot. I made a decision to play at my leisure, and cash out any amount over a sport kazakhstan predetermined mark in my bankroll. Sunday night I pulled about 25BB out of my Empire account and smiled. There. Now, that cash is safe.
All day Monday I planned for the Monday night attack. While I paid little mind to the fabled “cash out curse,” it did hang out in the back of my noodle.
I sat down around 9pm last night and within a couple hours had worked my way up about 20BB. I thought for a moment about stopping for the night, but figured I’d play for another hour or so. Within that hour, I ended up at a loosey-goosey table or two and lost my mind. Within an hour, I was down 40BB. Part of me said, just quit. You know you’re running bad, so quit. But I didn’t. And within an hour and 15 minutes I was back up to even.
So, quit, right?
No, not this undisciplined Otis. I wanted to get back up by 20BB and make my nut for the night. I almost got there, before self-destructing and ending up back down 40BB.
What bothers me is that I recognized all of this as it was happening. It was not the cashout curse. It was undisciplined, goal-oriented, fatigued play. The six-hour session was demoralizing, at worst. At best, it was another in a series of wakeup calls that I am a good player if I just play my game. I allowed myself to get sucked into tables with impossibly loose players. What’s worse, I allowed myself to loosen up with them in attempts to take advantage of their play.
If I remain my disciplined self, I honestly believe I can continue the success I’ve had this year.
Still, I think I may need some advice from some of my fellow bloggers who play the middle-high limits. Shorthanded tables with one or two ATC players. Whatta you do? Do you try to take advantage of them or do you play it safe?
2) More home games– Just this past weekend, I threw my name in the hat for another home game. Just today I got a call about a game. It just happens to fall on the one night this month than I’m working a night shift. Talk about wanting to quit one’s job.
3) Any way to get to Vegas– There appears to be a burgeoning Blogger Con happening around my birthday. I missed my annual Vegas trip this year in lieu of L’il Otis’ arrival. Now, there appears to be one hell of a trip forming in a couple months. It seems the only thing standing in my way is my job. Again, talk about wanting to quit.
In all honesty, I think I’m ISO several other things, but I’ll save those for another day.
This feels like enough un-fun mental information for a guy who prefers just to tell little stories.
Sorry about that.

How To Start A Profitable Authority Blog In Under One Hour: Write About What You Love, Create A Website, And Make Money

Neil launched in 2013 in an effort to document his journey from escaping the 9 to 5 grind to earning a full time living from the internet. 6 months later, his first blog was earning more than his retail job which he decided to quit and focus on blogging.
These results are not typical, but this book will go over the complete steps to setting up a profitable authority site which you can use to creating your first website and earning supplemental income.
*Who was this book written for?*
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While this book gives valuable information to those who are already making money blogging, if you making thousands of dollars a month, it was not written for you and might move a bit slow.
*Topics covered in this book:*
•Who Am I?
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Even though I’m only 20, I’ve spent the past 7 years learning, testing, and failing many times in my search on how to make money online. In January 2017, I earned over $15,000 from many online sources.
In Passive Income Tutorial, you will learn how to make money online using blogs, Amazon, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram utilizing Evergreen content for a steady and passive income flow. I want to give back by teaching you:
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The book is set up into 3 parts:
-My past failures
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-How to monetize your audience
You don’t have to go through where I failed, instead let me teach you every successful trick I’ve learned to jump-start your passive income. I’ve read over 100 books in the past year on marketing, home business, passive income, affiliate marketing, and tons of other monetizing methods. I’ve also been binge-reading tons of growth hacking books for social media platforms and have summarized the best methods into this book. I’ve personally used these methods myself and have seen great success in my online and financial life.
In short, I now own and run a Youtube channel titled “Practical Psychology” with over 700,000 subscribers because I LOVE giving value. In this book, you’re going to get value by the truckload.

Sun Care Tips and Facts

It’s summer! That means vacation, beaches, tennis and of course sun shine. Although we get Vitamin D from the sun, it is thought that you really don’t need more than minutes of sunshine a week in order to get the required amount. Unfortunately there really is no such thing as a safe tan. So protect yourself and your family members with the following tips on sun care. To get more skin care tips and facts, click on Skin Care Tips.

Studies have shown that between 50% and 80% of lifetime sun exposure occurs before age 18. Make sure your teenager (and your whole family) is using a broad spectrum sun screen (with both UVA and UVB protection) with a spf of at least 15 (30 or more is better, especially if they are fair skinned) and that they are using the correct amount. One of the main causes of sun screen failure is that people just don’t use enough, so slaver it on!

There will be 30% more Canadians with skin cancer than 10 years ago, according to the Canadian Dermatology Association. The W.H.O. says it’s the most common type of cancer amongst Canadians. Don’t be a part of the statistics. Cover up and protect yourself. Read more on

Just as you check your moles for any changes, you should also check your birthmarks and your family’s birthmarks regularly. If you notice anything new, make an appointment to see your doctor.

The most common cause of actinic keratosis (pre-cancerous lesions that commonly emerge in fair-skinned people in their 50s) is sun exposure. Those who have worked outdoors or spent a significant amount of time in outdoor recreational pursuits – such as sailing, golfing or skiing – are at the greatest risk. Use sunscreen!

Educate your children about sun protection. Protecting children from the sun – by using sunscreen and ensuring that they wear a hat and protective clothing when outdoors – is an important way to prevent later sun-related problems, including skin cancer. Developing good sun protection habits early will help them through-out their lives.

Some places on the earth experience stronger ultraviolet radiation. If you’re traveling near the equator or at high altitudes, your risk of sunburn increases significantly. Be prepared by taking along sunscreen and sun-protective clothing.

Sunscreen can irritate your eyes! To reduce the risk of inadvertently transferring sunscreen to your eyes, always remember to wash your hands well after applying sunscreen. Runners can try using lip sunscreen on their forehead as it is less likely to drip into their eyes.

By the age of 65, almost half of all North Americans have experienced some form of skin cancer. Don’t be a part of the statistics. Cover up and protect yourself. To learn more about your interest on “best injectables for face“, check here

Annette vs Patrick deep in the Aussie Millions 2009

We have not heard from her in a while. It seems she went into a retreat, but is now back in full force, destroying anyone and everything in her path! Annette Obrestad, the winner of the 2007 World Series of Poker Europe, youngest female winner of a bracelet ever, first ever winner of the togel , and a gazillion of other accolades, is currently enjoying a pretty deep run in the Aussie Millions 2009 that is currently taking place in the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.
But also lurking among the chip leaders is the perennial high-stakes shark that needs no introduction, Patrick Antonius. With a very healthy chipstack, he is also very very very dangerous.

The full list of yesterday’s chip leaders looks like this:

Annnic Ivert: 555,900
Annette Obrestad: 454,800
Rajkumar Ramakrishnan: 388,200
David Dochtery: 362,000
Stewart Scott: 348,000
Karl Bullock: 347,900
Patrik Antonius: 335,900
Michael Tureniec: 332,000
John Paul Kelly: 321,600
Will Zemljaric: 308,000

Things are shaping up to be quite exciting down under! As usual will keep you posted of every interesting development!

Aussie Millions Million Dollar Cash game

We haven’t had a big cash game in a while. The last one still fresh in our memory is the High Stakes Poker season with a million dollar buy in. Well, fret no more high stakes railtards! The Aussies have heard your pleas and cries for help and are more than willing to satiate your thirst for big money cash games.
The Aussie Millions cash game has traditionally run side by side with the main event, and usually consisted of a 100K AUD$ buy-in. Previous attendees included Nicki Jedlicka, Phil Ivey, Patrick Antonius, Erick Lindgren, Jennifer Harman, and a slew of other very tough pros of both live and online poker worlds. For ’09, the show will feature a MINIMUM 1M AUD$ buy-in (that’s a 1 with 6 zeroes and many exclamation points, like 1,000,000!!!), instantly tying it in first place for the biggest buy-in televised cash game in history.

Oh, and did you catch the “MINIMUM” in the last sentence? What this means is that many of the attendees will bring more than that to the table, and we will have at least 10 players invited, so the table will have a MINIMUM of 10 MILLION AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS ON IT! Beef up security folks, and sharpen up your game, this one will be a helluva televised contest.

It will air in the USA on Fox Sports Network in March of ’09.

A few choice quotes:

“This is a huge coup for Crown Casino, and for Melbourne, and we are thrilled to be an integral part of this landmark international poker event,” said Crown’s Chief Operating Officer of Gaming, Mr. Richard Longhurst. “This deal ensures a primetime global audience for the Aussie Millions and further international television exposure for Melbourne.”

“FOX Sports Network is proud to collaborate with Crown Casino in Melbourne, one of the world’s most exclusive casino resorts, and our first choice of venue to host this inaugural mega-event,” said FOX Sports Network’s Executive Vice-President of Programming and Production, Mr. Gary Garcia.

Mr. Longhurst said the 2009 Aussie Millions Poker Championship will see record numbers of international players from overseas locations such as the United States, Russia, Canada, England, Scandinavia, Holland and other parts of Europe.

“The success of the Aussie Millions Poker Tournament at Crown and its phenomenal growth in recent years places Crown as the biggest and best poker venue outside the home of tournament poker, the United States.”

As usual, will keep bringing you the latest and greatest in news, updates and gossip from around the web!

Review of The Psychology of Poker

“What in the world were they thinking?” I’m sure I’m not the only poker player who has asked this questions literally hundreds of times at the poker table. What drives players to play the way they do, especially if they play badly? What drives each of us to do things at the table that we know are costing us money? In The Psychology of Poker, Alan N. Schoonmaker, who holds a PhD in psychology, attempts to understand what motivates poker players and to understand how they think and why.

After an introduction, Schoonmaker asks the reader to examine their own game, looking at one’s own motivations and skills critically and honestly. Of course, if one isn’t truly honest, much of the rest of the book won’t help, but the author does a good job of guiding the reader toward understanding their true motivations. Poker skills are covered next, including reading hands and game selection, with a discussion about how one’s personal tendencies influence these skills. Next, Schoonmaker introduces a grid system on which players can be rated. Tightness vs. looseness and passiveness vs. aggressiveness are discussed, and the reader is guided through the process of rating oneself and other players on this scale.

The problem is that this doesn’t cover the whole picture. As one example, a player can be tight and aggressive, playing few hands but playing those Slot Gacor strong, but if these hands are garbage, they won’t go very far. There’s at least a third axis (and probably several more) that includes good and bad decision making. Counting the number of hands and the proportion of raises to calls can be useful, but it still gives an incomplete picture, and this may lead to an improper strategy. The author does mention the possibility that a player may be of a mixed type, for example, tight and aggressive before the flop, but a calling station from then on. However, the book doesn’t give us a lot of information about why these people might play the way they do.

The next four sections cover various types of players focusing on the corners of the grid. We are told what the characteristics of players in each of the zones are likely to be, and some suggestions are made as to what motivates them. This is done from the perspective of analyzing the play of other players in each of these categories, as well as coming to terms with our own game if we fall into any given classification.

After this, the book presents some analysis of ways in which players self-destruct in their games, and what can be done to avoid it. Then we have the conclusion, and finally there are three appendices: A quiz covering whether the reader has the “right stuff” to play poker well, an article on why an aspiring poker player should think again if they’re considering turning pro, and quick summaries of the previous chapters.

Schoonmaker claims that he’s not a poker professional by any means, that he is a moderate winner in low limit games. He says that the purpose of his book is to analyze players, not give strategic advice, and that’s fine by me. However, I see a great deal of strategic advice in this book. Some of it is quite good, for example, I don’t recall seeing the concept of “buying outs” explained better. Some of it I have some minor disagreement with. The fact that David Sklansky reviewed the book from a strategic angle probably explains the generally good quality of this information. However, there isn’t nearly as much information about examining the motivations and methods of other poker players as I would have hoped, which is the author’s field of expertise, although what’s there is fairly decent.

Another deficiency is that almost nothing is said about the less extreme, “average” players that don’t have tendencies near the edge of the author’s grid, which is where we would probably locate the majority of players. While it may not seem interesting to cover the average case, I honestly don’t know what a “5,5” player in a local 3-6 Hold’em game might be thinking about, but I’d like to. I was hoping this book would tell me, but it doesn’t.

Overall, we probably get a better grounding of the psychology of the people who play poker, both our opponents and ourselves, than we do in any other book. However, the book has more advice on how to play against these people and how to alter our play than it has information on why people play the way they do. I was hoping for more of the latter than I got. However, it is a good book, one that I found worth reading, although the true masterpiece on poker psychology has yet to be written.

While The Psychology of Poker is probably the best book written on the mind of the poker player, there is more strategic advice and less psychology than I would have expected or liked. The book is certainly worth reading, not just to understand our opponents, but also to understand ourselves. However, the ultimate book on poker psychology has yet to be written. I do recommend it, however

The Bellagio Five-Diamond World Poker Classic — Bola88 Part III



With two tables left in the event, I was the chip leader, but there was still lots of work to be done. My table absolutely stunk! It was full of top players, while the other table was full of newer players.


Nonetheless, I held my own at that tough table and went to the final table of 10 players as the chip leader with more than $2 million. Very early on in final-table play, Jennifer Harman, who’d been playing like a wizard all day, raised from first position to $80,000. The blinds were $15,000-$30,000 at the time, so that was a pretty standard raise.


In second Bola88 position, the second-place chip leader Eric Weiner called the $80,000. Next to the button, I looked down at the 8clubs 7clubs and just loved the situation. If I could catch a lucky flop, this might be a good opportunity to put a stranglehold on the tournament.


Now, if you are playing the 8clubs 7clubs, you are really looking to hit a straight draw, a flush draw, a pair, or maybe even two pair. Well, how do you like this for a flop? 9clubs 6clubs 5spades! Not only did I flop the nut straight, but I also had a straight-flush draw, to boot.


Jennifer went ahead and bet $150,000 on the flop. For her to bet this scary board, she clearly had to have something, so I was already thinking about how I was going to get all of her chips. Should I make a small raise? Smooth-call and wait for the turn? Go all in? There were several options, but I decided to try to attach her to the hand by raising the minimum. If she had an overpair, as she was representing, it would be very tough for her to get away from it.


Just as I was going through that process, Eric Weiner declared himself all in! Wow, somebody pinch me; how sweet is this?! I was just hoping to get some action on the hand from Jennifer, and now I had a chance to bust the second-place chip leader.


So, obviously, I called, and Jennifer smartly mucked her Q-Q. At this point, I wasn’t sure what I wanted Eric to have, but my first instincts told me that he must have flopped a set. Yup, he had flopped three nines. When I called, he must have been ecstatic, figuring me for a smaller set.


Surprise, surprise, Eric, my bust ’em had hit the flop in a big way. He got no help on the turn and no help on the river, and I’d reached the $4 million mark in chips. By the time we got down to sevenhanded, I had well over half the chips in play.


With a monster chip lead, my strategy was pretty simple: “Stay aggressive, but don’t do anything stupid.” By that time, the blinds were already $30,000-$60,000 with a $10,000 ante, so I was raising to $150,000 at least twice a round. I didn’t have that many good hands, obviously, but since everyone else was so short on chips, they were forced to wait for a hand.


If someone reraised me, I simply threw it away unless I had the goods. That simple, aggressive strategy saw my chip count go from $4 million all the way up to more than $6.8 million with six players remaining. There is one valuable lesson I learned from something John Juanda once said that I’m passing on to you. John once explained that it’s important to protect a big stack. Too many people are preoccupied with knocking players out, figuring they can afford it, but it’s simply more important not to risk losing a large lead, because it’s an advantage you can exploit with much less risk. In other words, with that many chips, you don’t have to take the worst of it if the situation doesn’t warrant it. Let the short stacks fight for position while you pick up the scraps along the way.


The next day for the television taping, I picked up right where I left off, staying aggressive but not giving anybody the chance to double up unless I had a solid hand. I opened pots with lots of trash hands, but when I put in large sums of money, I always made sure I came prepared with a real hand.


I finally got heads up with Humberto Brenes with about a 4-1 chip lead, and aside from a couple of minor scares, the road to victory wasn’t all that difficult. It’s not because I played so great at that final table, that’s not the case at all. It simply illustrates the power of a commanding chip lead.


I played one final big pot with Humberto when the flop came 7-4-3. Humberto had top pair, 8-7, while I also had top pair with a king kicker. If Humberto won that pot, it would be the first time since day two that I had not had the chip lead. A 5 on the turn gave him more outs, but when he blanked out on the river, I felt more relief than I did joy.


It was a strange moment. Coming to the final table with that big a lead, second place would have felt like an absolute disaster. Unlike my Borgata win a month earlier, which was extremely emotional for me, the feeling this time was much less enjoyable. Hey, it’s not that I wasn’t happy, but the Borgata win seemed more dramatic and had my heart pumping on several occasions.


Coming to the final table as a prohibitive favorite adds even more pressure than normal. If you don’t win, coming in second is even considered failure. If you find yourself in a situation like that soon (lucky you), remember to maintain your focus, stay calm, and, finally, don’t do anything stupid!




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Worcestershire finale

Our pitiless conquest of the media continued last week with a spot on Midlands Today about the Worcestershire on Film tour. Many thanks to all those who wrote in and pointed out that the footage included a couple of shots of Ludlow; please rest assured that all rogue Shropshire elements have been removed. And if you would like to catch the tour before it ends, can we recommend the screening in Pershore this Saturday 22 November at 2pm? Thanks to an on air plug from the BBC we are expecting a veritable swarm of people for the 7pm show the same day in Worcester – so if you want to avoid disappointment either get in the queue early, or get down to Number 8.


There were two full houses for the climax of our archive tour in Pershore and Worcester this weekend. A blow-by-blow account can be found in the photo diary. A big thank you to all the venues for their support, and to all the nice people who came along. Apologies to those who we had to turn away; if there are any extra screenings in the new year we’ll post the details here.

Lange and Donnellan

This week a new show opened at the Ikon gallery. Darcy Lange: Work Studies in Schoolsgathers some of the reams and reams of video footage which New Zealand artist Lange shot on his visits to schools in Birmingham and Oxfordshire during 1976 and 77. As he went along he screened his work back to the pupils and teachers who he was filming, sparking off a dialogue about documentary and how the kids saw themselves being represented onscreen.

If you happen to make it down there, pop into the Ikon shop and you can pick up a copy of the Landmarks booklet which 7inch produced last year. This is a record of a project we did around another chronicler of Birmingham life, TV documentary maker Philip Donnellan. Although the two never worked together, they had a similar willingness to involve their subjects in the work they were making. (In fact, Donnellan got in trouble at the BBC for inviting some union employees he had filmed into the edit suite at Pebble Mill.) You can also download a pdf of the booklet from the Landmarks project page.