Creative Writing Ideas and Tips at Translation Services UK

Creative writing is a great activity both for kids and adults. Whilst many people choose to do it just at school or in their spare time, others make successful careers out of their creative writing abilities. Although all you really need to be a great creative writer is a vivid imagination there are still several tips that can help you on your way to creating a wonderful piece of work.

In this guide we shall look at some of those creative writing ideas and tips to help you begin writing.

Tips 1

Start Small

Although it can be very tempting to just jump in at the deep end and start writing an epic novel – it is generally a much better idea to start small and begin with poetry or a short story just to perfect your skills. One of the hardest parts about writing a successful and interesting story is all of the intertwining storylines and character plots which can be very difficult to do if you are a beginner.

By starting with just a short story you have the chance to practice writing the beginning, middle and end of a story within a short space of time and can see which areas you need to develop.

Once you have practiced your skills you can move on to bigger creative writing projects!

Curing Writers Block

Writers block is something that all writers experience during their careers. If you find that this happens to you and you run out of ideas or don’t know how to start your story – then there are ways to cure it.

Firstly sometimes all you need is a quick break. Go for a walk around your home or the local park and just take your mind of writing for a bit. Often this quiet time can help kick start your creative side and you can get back to writing.

Another way to cure writers block is by using writing prompts. There are numerous ways you can find writers prompts – including online, in books or just from your surrounding environment. Anything can trigger your imagination. It could be a picture, a word or a thought-provoking question. Try looking on some websites designed for writers suffering from writers block to help inspire your creative side. More about Translation Services UK

Tips 2

Find Your ‘Write’ Time

Not everyone’s creative writing brain is switched on first thing in the morning. Many people work best in the middle of the night, whilst others may find their creative side switches on just after a big lunch.

Experiment with different times to find out what time is the best time for you to write.  You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

Taking Notes

You never know when you will come up with a fantastic idea for a story. Perhaps you’re eating lunch with a friend or sitting on the bus. You may find that your imagination will be triggered just by a particular smell or conversation that you hear on the street.

Don’t rely on the fact that you’ll remember it when you get home, so always carry a notebook or PDA with you to write down any observations or ideas you have.

Tips 3

Don’t Stress

When you’re writing its best to just let the words flow. Don’t think too much about what you’re writing or whether the sentence is grammatically perfect. These are things that you can fix in the editing stages. When you’re writing what’s important is that you get the ideas down and the rest can be sorted later.

Never stress about writing as whatever you write isn’t set in stone. There is always time to make changes afterwards.

Have Fun!

The best tip to remember is that creative writing is meant to be fun! If you ever feel like what you are writing is boring or it feels like a chore then most likely your readers will feel the same! So always enjoy what you’re doing and your writing will follow.