My Lucky Day!

My Lucky Day!It was a Monday morning and I was home sick. I bought in at PokerStars at nine o’ clock. I took my modest $100 to the first 5-10 table I could find. Within three minutes I had doubled my money. Wow, what a start! I ended up leaving that 5-10 game with $350.

Next, I settled into a 10-20 omaha hi lo seat. This was even better. My first hand had six way action and I scooped with the nut high and nut low. I left the omaha table an hour later with $620.

By noon time I was feeling a lot better (funny how winning has that curing effect), so I went out to help a friend with some decorations. The next day was New Years Eve and I really should have been resting up so I would be fit for the celebrations, but on the way home I decided that a quick trip to my favorite card room was in order instead.

1-4-8-8 Texas Hold’em had the only open seat, so bought in for a rack. My first hand was AA. I lost that hand (cheaply), but was dealt KK the very next. This time the flop was more generous, two more kings! There were three players in and after a check around on the flop, the turn was capped by the time it reached me. Nobody could ever have possibly had a day like I was having!

As I was walking toward the front of the casino I ran into some poker buddies and bragged about what a rush I was on. They were both down, so needless to say, it was a quick conversation.

When valet brought my car around I handed him my ticket, a small tip and sped off. “No I didn’t”, I shouted out. For some reason it dawned on me Unique Casino┬áthat the dollar bill I had pulled out of my pocket to give to the pimply face car parker was in fact a hundred. I banged a u-ey and explained to the kid that I made a mistake and would gladly replace the hundred with a twenty. “Huh?”, he said. “What hundred?”

When I got home, I dropped my keys as I was opening the door and my dog ran clear out of the yard and into the woods. It had been raining most of the morning, so by the time I caught her and brought her back inside, I was soaking wet. I realized that my throaght was bothering me again too, so I soaked in a hot bath and drank some tea.

After my relaxing bath I thought I’d test out the lucky streak and head back to PokerStars. I joined a $30 tournament and quickly took the lead. I knew not to play too many hands early, but what can you do when you’re dealt AA three times in the first two levels? At break time I was in first place with a $3,000 lead on the guy in second.

During the five minute break I decided to run to the store for drink. The store was just around the corner, so I was confident that I would be back in time. I rush into the store, grab a Coke, pay the man, and rush back to my car. Click click click. This can’t be happening!

A nice old lady in a pickup truck pulled up and offered me a jump start. I swear I could’ve run home faster (and probably would have had it not been raining).

Just as I walk in the door, I see that tournament had already started and I had pocket aces again. BZZZZ. I timed out before I could sit down and click the raise ****on. Out of breath, cold, and wet again, I watched an ace fall on the flop and every bet get capped to the river. Two small pair dragged that one down.

Twenty minutes later I was huvering around 30th place and feeling sick again. I brewed some Thera-Flu between hands and watched my rank get worse and worse. I busted out of the tournament when my set of jacks lost to an inside straight draw.

What I really needed now was to shut off the computer and get some rest, but at the time, 10-20 hold’em sounded like a better idea.

By the time the calling station at my table had caught his third straight on the river, I was down to $120.

The Thera-Flu was starting to kick in, but I had to do something fast. Afterall, this was my lucky day! I jumped into a $100 no limit holdem tourney and as I fought to keep my eyes open, I busted out in 35th place. Did I mention that there were only 40 in the tournament? “What in the hell do they put in this Thera-Flu stuff?”

What was wrong with me? How could things go so right and then in a drop of a hat, go so wrong? I blamed the morons that I was playing with. I blamed the stupid battery in my car. I blamed the acne plagued valet attendant. I even blamed my dog for running out the door! The next morning I blamed myself.

I woke up with swolen glands and an aweful headache. I had to skip the New Year’s Eve parties, but I stayed away from poker. I was determined to use this down time to figure out exactly where I went wrong.

My first hindsight was that I should have stopped playing when things started seeming too good to be true. A lot of you may argue that point and say play on when the gettin’ is good, but too many times have I seen huge rushes turn into trips to the ATM machine (by the way, I used to laugh whenever I’d see that).

Then I figured that it can never be a good thing to play when you are feeling bad, besides, I needed the rest. Had I just stayed in bed I probably would have been out catching beads and drinking beer instead of lying on the couch watching parade highlights on TV.

Finally, I realized there might be some truth in that little expiration sticker on your car battery.

For some reason the poker gods were shining down on me that morning. I still cringe when I think about how I gave it all back on my “lucky day”…